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Let's pretend you were blocked for something disruptive editing or behavior. An administrator warns you about something you should refrain from, then you proceed to continue the disruption, you get blocked for ignoring the warning. You should try appealing your block if it was found to be in error. This policy listed here should list the common grounds on how to properly appeal your block. You should try to explain the reason why you think you should be unblocked. Use the {{Unblock}} template to write down said reason why you shouldn't have been blocked in the first place in about 2-3 sentences at the most.

Why was I blocked?[edit source]

Things to avoid doing when appealing a block[edit source]

Consider the following actions if your unblock request is denied[edit source]

  • Take a break from editing Meta until you either own up to your mistakes or wait for your block to expire (if you've been blocked for a substantiary amount of time).
  • Listen to the other editors and consider why they have blocked you in the first place.
  • Competency is required while communicating about your block.
  • Please refrain from using another account to go around a block.

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