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Meta bureaucrats are users who can manage permissions such as bot, administrator and other bureaucrats. Their role on Meta is limited to the assigning of the rights listed above. They may resolve disputes and determine consensus in RfCs, user right requests and user removal requests.

ويمكن تسمية المستعملين أو ترشيحهم بأنفسهم عن طريق تقديم طلب على مترو-rfp بدولارات. وكلما تم قبول الترشيح (إذا تم ترشيحه من قِبَل شخص آخر ، وإلا كان تقديم الطلب مقبولاً على الفور) ، فلابد وأن يظل الطلب مفتوحاً لمدة سبعة أيام على الأقل (7). وخلال هذه الفترة ، يجوز لأي شخص من الجماعة أن يعارض طلب المرشح بمبلغ دولار أو بمبلغ محايد أو بمبلغ دولار.

A request will be deemed successful when closed by an existing bureaucrat after achieved a 70% support ratio.


A bureaucrat may lose their permissions if:

  • a request of no confidence in opened against the user and has a more than 50% support ratio,
  • the user loses their administrator status.


There are no clauses for re-addition except for re-appointment following the appointment criteria above.

List of bureaucrats

  • Last updated: 2021-01-22
  • Total number of Meta bureaucrats:: ٣
+/- User name Languages spoken Other rights Freenode nickname on IRC
John en, cy-3 administrator, steward, system administrator JohnLewis
Reception123 ro-N, en-4, fr-3 administrator, interface administrator, wiki creator, global sysop, system administrator Reception123 or Reception|away
Southparkfan nl-N, en-3 administrator, system administrator SPF|Cloud

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