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This page provides information on the Meta-Wiki Bots (bot) and the procedure to flag the bots.

Bottar är användare som drivs av datorer/program snarare än människor. Botkonton skapas som vanligt och tillhör vanligtvis användargruppen bottar så att de kan ta sig runt åtgärder för att motverka att förstörande bottar härjar. Botkontona nås genom program på en dator.


Approved bots can be given the bot flag on individual wikis. This makes all edits done by that account able to be hidden from Recent Changes and it removes systems in place to prevent certain types of malicious editing/botting, thus making edits by bots easier to perform.

Bot Accounts / Getting the Flag

Bot accounts are created as normal and generally added to the bot user group through Requests for permissions process (this part only applies to this wiki), and the bot accounts are accessed through scripts running on a computer. Bot programs running on computers do the work of the bot, and the bot account allows it to access functionality on the wiki. Some tasks, such as editing on an open wiki or getting information do not require an account, but bots that perform privileged tasks including blocking users or protecting pages require a bot account with sysop rights. The program that runs the bot is run from a computer controlled by the bot account owner. Some bots might allow interaction with bots through the wiki; this is done by setting the bot to watch for specific changes to its user page or talk page, or any other bot relevant page, such as a central bot control page.


The bot flag of any bot may be removed by a steward if:

  • The bot has made no edits or log actions for a year, or
  • The operator requests that the flag from their bot be removed.

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