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MediaWiki on ohjelmisto, jota Miraheze käyttää.

Miraheze runs a vanilla version of MediaWiki, free from modifications. Miraheze's extensions and skins are also all free from any modification. Any necessary change to MediaWiki is done either upstream or through our local configuration but never altering the core code of MediaWiki. As such, any request to modify core or extension/skin code will be rejected, especially since code changes affect all wikis.

Miraheze commits itself to always running the most up-to-date version of MediaWiki, and usually upgrades MediaWiki versions a few weeks after the release of the latest MediaWiki version.

Katso FAQ#MediaWiki -ohjeita MediaWikin käytöstä Mirahezen isännöimissä wikeissä.


Miraheze is committed to bringing its users the latest version of MediaWiki possible.

In keeping with our commitment of always providing the most up-to-date version of MediaWiki, Miraheze upgraded to MediaWiki 1.39 on 21 January 2023, between 21:00 UTC and 01:00 UTC of 22 January 2023. For more information, see MediaWiki/1.39 and T9446.

MediaWiki 1.39 changelog

Below is a changelog extracted from MediaWiki/1.39. For more information on the upgrade, please check out that article.

Interface changes

  • Vector 2022 will receive more styling changes - A lot of users have asked why our version of Vector 2022 didn't match Wikipedia's. This is because the changes made to Vector 2022 were MediaWiki 1.39 exclusive, such as the tabs. These will now be present on Miraheze.
  • DiscussionTools gets a new look - DiscussionTools (which is used on pages like the noticeboards and talk pages) will receive a facelift and which will make it more intuitive.

Extension removals

  • PdfBook will be removed - This extension has not been updated to support MediaWiki 1.39 and is currently broken on MediaWiki 1.39.
  • SlackNotifications will be removed - This extension has not been updated to support MediaWiki 1.39 and is currently broken on MediaWiki 1.39.

Poweruser focused changes

  • Administrators now have the option to (un)delete the associated "Talk" page when they are (un)deleting a given page.
  • {{=}} is now a new magic word which expands to to =.
  • Bot passwords are now supported when using the REST API.

Developer-focused/other technical changes


  • MediaWiki wikifarm support - For the moment being, we will not be utilizing MediaWiki's experimental wiki farm setup.
  • Temporary user creation ($wgAutoCreateTempUser) not supported - A new feature was introduced in MediaWiki 1.39 which allows anonymous users to have their IP masked by having MediaWiki mask it by automatically creating a temporary account for them. This feature is experimental and will not be enabled on Miraheze for the time being.

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