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MediaWiki 1.40

MediaWiki 1.40は2023年の半ばに公開されたMediaWikiの最新バージョンです。Mirahezeは2023年の10月22日にこのバージョンへと更新しました。




Interface changes

  • Vector 2022 will receive more styling changes - A very highly requested feature was the ability to toggle screen width size. With this new update, users are able to choose between a narrow article body or a wide body which encompasses the entire screen.
  • ManageWiki now features a search option - Gone are the days of having to tediously look for extensions and settings! Now, you can simply type the name of the extension or setting you're looking for, in the search bar, and you'll quickly be able to manage it.
  • User preferences now features a search bar - Quickly find the user setting you're looking for with this new feature.
  • Special:Search can now display thumbnails from articles. A user preference is available for you to choose whether you want to employ this feature or not.



Poweruser focused changes

  • Matrix now a default protocol (T326021) - This means you can now use matrix:// to invoke Matrix clients.
  • $wgWatchlistExpiryMaxDuration has been increased to 1 year - This setting controls the maximum allowed duration for users to set their temporary watchlist entries for expiry.




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