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ManageWiki is a MediaWiki extension developed for Miraheze that allows wiki administrators, bureaucrats, or local founder to easily modify their wikis settings. They are able to do basic things such as changing the logo, enable extensions like VisualEditor or Flow, create user groups and customize every action a given group of users can (not) do, among other things.

Feel free to skip to TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read it) if you just want a quick and easy guides.

Access[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Basic settings[edit | edit source]

  • Database name - The first option in ManageWiki is the database name of your wiki. This is the same as the subdomain (* of the wiki when it was first requested except it has the suffix wiki. Currently is not possible to change it without assistance from our sysadmins.
  • Sitename - The second option is the name of your wiki. This is generally a short word or phrase that sums up the purpose or subject of your wiki. It is also the name of an entire namespace in your wiki, generalized as being the Project:namespace. For example, on this wiki (Meta), the project namespace can be reached by linking to either Meta:About or Project:About.
  • Private - The Private checkbox modifies the visibility of your wiki. Any wiki with this feature enabled can only be read by users in the administrator or user groups.
  • Closed/Inactive - The Closed and Inactive checkboxes are enabled automatically when the wiki begins fulfilling the requirements of the Dormancy Policy. If either of these is selected on your wiki, and you wish to continue the project, you can disable them and continue contributing. Please note that it is not possible to contribute on a Closed wiki.
  • Language - The third option is for language and it should be whatever language your wiki is supposed to be read in. It will change the language of the interface to the selected language for all users, however it can be changed through user's preferences. If your wiki is not turning up in the language you selected, please first check to make sure that you don't have any other language selected in preferences, then file a bug report.
  • Category - After those is the option for category. This option allows you to put your wiki into a category of your choosing that will allow users to more easily find your wiki through WikiDiscover. If your wiki doesn't fit into any of the supplied categories, feel free to make a request for a new one.

Additional settings (for Miraheze)[edit | edit source]

  • Allow slow parser functions - Parser functions are "magic words" that return a value or function, such as time, site details or page names. Example: {{PAGENAME}} outputs ManageWiki/WIP - the current page. Read more here.
  • Apple Touch Icon - Favicon for Apple mobile devices. See below how you can add one.
  • Default Skin - This change the visual interface to the selected skin for all users, however it can be changed through user's preferences.
  • Favicon - A favicon is a shortcut image that is displayed on your visitor's browser address bar and in the bookmarks page. Most often it is a smaller version of the logo. See below how you can add one.
  • Timezone - This will adapt your wikis clock to whatever timezone you choose for all users, however it can be changed through user's preferences.
  • Logo - This will replace Miraheze's default logo. See below how you can change it.
  • Enable string function functionality - This option adds support a couple of functions for basic string handling. Example: #pos function returns the position of a given search term within the string. You can learn more in Mediawiki's documentation page.
  • Custom Domain - By default your wiki is available at - a subdomain of Miraheze but you can request us to redirect your wiki to a domain you own. Right now is not yet possible to do it without assistance from our sysadmins, but you can learn more here.
  • Enable VisualEditor Wikitext mode - This option allow you to read Wikitext syntax on VisualEditor.
  • Content License - Each wiki on Miraheze is by default licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0 although this can be changed to another supported license. If you would like to release the contributions on your wiki under another license, please let us know so that we can make it available to you. Be aware that changing the license on your wiki can have an impact on your community and should not be done lightly. For more information, go to

Media[edit | edit source]

  • Enable File Uploads - Check or uncheck this option if you want to enable or disable the upload of files on your wiki.
  • Enable File Uploads Through URL - By default Miraheze enables file upload only from a local media but with this option you can upload files remotely from other sites.
  • Enable File Uploads Through URL on Special:Upload - This option adds a textbox on Special:Upload enabling you to upload files from any URL.
  • Enable Wikimedia Commons Files - This option allows you to use the Wikimedia Commons file database on your wiki.
  • Show Old Thumbnails On Description Page - Whether should old thumbnails be displayed on the image's detail page

Extensions & Skins[edit | edit source]


Special:ManageWikiExtensions lists all extensions and skins that we currently have enabled for use on Miraheze. To enable or disable an extension or skin, simply check or uncheck the box next to its name and remember to save your changes.

Each extension name currently links to the extension documentation page on, which should prove useful for finding general help specific to whatever extension you are working with. If any link does not work, please let us know so that we may fix it.

Some extensions have an icon next to their names meaning that there is additional information that you should be aware of before enabling this extension. Several of these extensions may require additional work in order to enable them and will require sysadmin assistance. Other extensions are simply not compatible with each other and will break your wikis functionality if enabled together. Don't worry though, the software will reject your changes if you enable two conflicting extensions.

Available extensions (for Miraheze)[edit | edit source]

Extension Description
3D Enables 3D support (viewing and uploading .stl files)
AddThis Show an AddThis widget on every article
HTML Meta and Title SEO management through the use of <meta> keywords
AdminLinks List of special pages to wiki administrators
AJAX Poll Allow the creation of polls
Approved Revs Mark a certain revision of a page as approved
Article Feedback Tool V5 Engage your users by asking feedback of an article
Article Ratings Allow your users to rate your wiki articles
Article To Category 2 Easily add pages to a category
Author Protect Protects a page from other users
Auto Create Category Pages ??
Babel ??
Blog Page ??
Capiunto Basic infobox support for the Scribunto extension
Cargo Store and query data from templates
CharInsert ??
Cite Footnotes for citing sources through <ref> tag
CiteThisPage Generates citations to a given page in a variety of styles
CodeEditor Provides a syntax-highlighting code editor for JS, CSS and Lua pages
CodeMirror Adds syntax highlighting for wikitext markup
Collapsible Vector Allows to (un)hide the navigation on the sidebar
Collection (PDF) Allows to organize personal selections of pages in a collection that can be edited, persisted and optionally retrieved as PDF, ODF or DocBook (XML)
Comments Engage your users by allow them add comments on a given page
ContributionScores Find out who contributes more to your wiki
CreatePage Parser function to easily create new pages
CreateRedirect Special page to create a redirection
CrossReference Adds LaTeX-style autonumbered cross references to a page
CSS Parser function for adding CSS files, article or inline rules to pages
Description2 Adds a description meta tag for articles automatically based on the content
Disambiguator Allow the creation of disambiguation pages through magic word
DPLForum ??
Duplicator Special page which allows the creation of independent copies (with separate edit histories) of pages
DynamicPageList Lists of most recent items in a category or several categories
DynamicPageList3 Displays articles based on selection criteria
EditCount Special page that shows the edit count of a given user
Education Program Why bother?
Electron PDF Service Enables support for PDF rendering provided by Electron allowing export pages to PDF
EventLogging Enables the collection/analytics of metrics on how users interact with your wikis interface
Fancy Box Thumbs Fancier thumbnailed images
FlaggedRevs Allows an editor/moderator monitor the changes that are made to pages and to control more carefully the content
Flow Better discussion system for talk pages
Gadgets Allow users to enable JS gadgets provided by other users
GeoCrumbs Breadcrumb navigation
GeoData Allows articles to specify geographical coordinates
GettingStarted Engage users by creating and showing new editors how to complete a certain task
Graph Enables graph support, allowing data visualizations such as bar charts, pie charts, timelines and histograms to be included in articles
GroupsSidebar Add sidebar elements for a given usergroup
GuidedTour Interactive tutorials to make even easier to new users how them can complete a certain task
HAWelcome Automatically welcomes users on their first edit
HeaderTabs Transforms top-level headers into tabs using JS
HideSection Adds links on each article's header to collapse/expand the section
HighlightLinksInCategory Highlights links of a given category
ImageMap Allows clickable HTML image maps
ImageRating Special page to categorize and rate all the images uploaded
InputBox Easily create HTML forms
Javascript Slidehow Create a slideshow from multiple div elements
Josa Automates josa part of Korean postposition process
JS BreadCrumbs Breadcrumb navigation in javascript
Kartographer Display maps (based around OpenStreetMap) in wiki pages
LabeledSectionTransclusion Enables marked sections of text to be transcluded
LinkTarget Provides target tag to links. Useful for open links in new windows
LinkTitles Automatically adds links to existing page titles that occur on a given page
Listings ?
Loops Parser functions for performing loops
MagicNoCache Disables the cache for any page that contain the magic word __NOCACHE__
Maps Full-feature support for maps (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap and OpenLayers) in wiki pages
MassEditRegex Allows wiki administrators to edit multiple pages at once with the use of regular expression
MassMessage Allow users to send a private message to a given list of users
Math Enables math support, allowing the use of mathematical formulas
MediaWikiChat Simple chat platform
MsCalendar Provides an easy-to-use month view calendar
MsUpload Easily upload multiple files (drag & drop) on a wiki page
Multimedia Viewer Better experience to users when they click on thumbnails in a page
MultiBoilerplate Allows a boilerplate to be selected from a drop down box when editing pages
NewestPages Special page that lists the most recently created pages
News Allows a custom excerpt from Special:Recentchanges to be included on a wiki page, RSS or Atom feed
New Signup Page Enhanced and customizable signup page
Newsletter Provides a list of all newsletters and an easy way to (un)subscribe and publish newsletters
New User Message Automatically add a message to newly created user's talk pages
New User Nofifications Automatically sends an e-mail to a given list of recipients when a new user account is created
NoTitle Magic word __NOTITLE__ that hides the main title heading
NukeDPL Mass deletion of articles on selection criteria defined by the extension DynamicPageList
OpenGraphMeta Enables OpenGraph support, allowing 3rd parties websites extract data from your wikis articles
Page Forms
Page Notice
Page Triage
PDF Embed
PDF Handler
Pipe Escape
Proofread Pages
Protect Site
Quiz Game (SocialProfile)
RandomGameUnit (SocialProfile)
Related Articles
Replace Text
Sandbox Link
Simple Changes
Simple Tooltip
TabsCombination (Tabber + Tabs)
Template Sandbox
Template Styles
TOC Tree
Wikibase (Repository)
WikiText Logged In Out

Skins[edit | edit source]

Skin Preview on Meta
Apex Desktop Mobile
Cologne Blue (core) Desktop Mobile
DarkVector Desktop Mobile
Dusk To Dawn Desktop Mobile
Erudite Desktop Mobile
Foreground Desktop Mobile
Gamepress Desktop Mobile
Liberty Desktop Mobile
Metrolook Desktop Mobile
MinervaNeue (mobile) Desktop Mobile
Modern (core) Desktop Mobile
Modern Skylight Desktop Mobile
MonoBook (core) Desktop Mobile
Nostalgia Desktop Mobile
Pivot Desktop Mobile
Nostalgia Desktop Mobile
Refreshed Desktop Mobile
Timeless Desktop Mobile
Tweeki Desktop Mobile
Vector (default) Desktop Mobile

Extensions or skins not listed[edit | edit source]

If you would like to enable other extensions or skins on your wiki that you don't see on the list, please request a feature.

Group management and permissions[edit | edit source]


Special:ManageWikiPermissions lists all existing groups on your wiki and all permissions that can be assigned or revoked for each member of a certain group. You can also create a new group of users or reset all settings to default.

Default groups[edit | edit source]

Nomenclature Designation Description
* All Every visitor of your wiki, including those who do not log in
user Users All logged-in users
autoconfirmed Autoconfirmed users All logged-in users who meet certain thresholds
bot Bots Bots are users on wikis that are run by scripts. Can be assigned to allow users to hide bot edits from recent changes or watchlists
sysop Administrators Super user. Can be assigned to trusted users, giving them permission to perform administrative tasks (list)
bureaucrat Bureaucrats Same permissions as Administrators but have the ability to promote/demote users to Administrators.
autopatrolled Autopatrollers These user's edits are automatically patrolled (approved) and they can mark edits from other users as patrolled.
rollbacker Rollbackers Can be assigned to trusted users (like an moderator) in order to allow them to quickly revert edits

Permissions[edit | edit source]

Default[edit | edit source]

Permission Description
abusefilter-log With this permission set, the user will be able to view the abuse log
abusefilter-log-detail With this permission set, the user will be able to view detailed log entries
abusefilter-log-private With this permission set, the user will be able to view log entries of private filters
abusefilter-modify With this permission set, the user will be able to modify the filters
abusefilter-modify-restricted With this permission set, the user will be able to modify the filters with restricted actions
abusefilter-revert With this permission set, the user will be able to revert all changes by a given filter
abusefilter-view With this permission set, the user will be able to view the filters
abusefilter-view-private With this permission set, the user will be able to view private filters

apihighlimits Use higher limits in API queries
applychangetags Apply tags along with one's changes
autoconfirmed Not be affected by IP-based rate limits
autopatrol Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled
block With this permission set, the user will be able to block other users from editing
blockemail With this permission set, the user will be able to block others users from sending email
bot With this permission set, the user will be treated as an automated process (bot)
browsearchive With this permission set, the user will be able to search deleted pages
autopatrol Merge their account
centralauth-merge Have one's own edits automatically marked as patrolled
changetags With this permission set, the user will be able add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries
createaccount Typically used to disable new signups globally
createpage With this permission set, the user will be able to create pages (not to be confused with discussion pages)
createtalk With this permission set, the user will be able to create discussion pages (exemplo: Talk:ManageWiki/WIP)
delete With this permission set, the user will be able to delete pages
deletechangetags Add and remove arbitrary tags on individual revisions and log entries
deletedhistory View deleted history entries, without their associated text
deletedtext View deleted text and changes between deleted revisions
deletelogentry Delete and undelete specific log entries
deleterevision Delete and undelete specific revisions of pages
editcontentmodel Edit the content model of a page
editinterface Edit the user interface
editmyoptions Edit one's own preferences
editmyprivateinfo Edit your own private data (e.g. email address, real name)
editmyuserjs Edit your own user JavaScript files
editmyuserjson Edit your own user JSON files
editmywatchlist Edit your own watchlist. Note some actions will still add pages even without this right.
editprotected Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
editsemiprotected Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users"
editusercss Edit other users' CSS files
edituserjs Edit other users' JavaScript files
edituserjson Edit other users' JSON files
globalblock-whitelist Disable global blocks locally
import With this permission set, the user will be able to import pages from other wikis (like infoboxes)
importupload Import pages from a file upload
ipblock-exempt Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks
managechangetags Create and (de)activate tags
managewiki With this permission set, the user will be able to access Manage wiki settings
markbotedits Mark rolled-back edits as bot edits
mergehistory Merge the history of pages
move Move pages
move-categorypages Move category pages
move-rootuserpages Move root user pages
move-subpages Move pages with their subpages
movefile Move files
mwoauthproposeconsumer Propose new OAuth consumers
mwoauthupdateownconsumer Update OAuth consumers you control
noanalytics With this permission set, the user will not be tracked via Matomo
nominornewtalk Not have minor edits to discussion pages trigger the new messages prompt
noratelimit Not be affected by rate limits
nuke Mass delete pages
oathauth-api-all Query and validate OATH information for self and others
oathauth-enable Enable two-factor authentication
override-antispoof Override the spoofing checks
override-export-depth Export pages including linked pages up to a depth of 5
pagelang Change page language
patrol Mark others' edits as patrolled
patrolmarks View recent changes patrol marks
protect Change protection levels and edit cascade-protected pages
purge Purge the site cache for a page without confirmation
reupload Overwrite existing files
reupload-own Overwrite existing files uploaded by oneself
reupload-shared Override files on the shared media repository locally
rollback Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
sendemail Send email to other users
suppressredirect Not create redirects from source pages when moving pages
tboverride Override the title or username blacklist
tboverride-account Override the username blacklist
titleblacklistlog View title blacklist log
unblockself Unblock oneself
undelete Undelete a page
unwatchedpages View a list of unwatched pages
upload Upload files
upload_by_url Upload files from a URL
viewmyprivateinfo View your own private data (e.g. email address, real name)
viewmywatchlist View your own watchlist
writeapi Use of the write API

Creating a new group[edit | edit source]

You just need to input the group's name and submit. After, you will have to select what members of the group can do (by checking the box) or can not do (by leaving the box unchecked).

Example: creating a moderation group[edit | edit source]

What is a moderator? (...)

What must (s)he be able to do:

  • Revert edits (rollback)
  • Move pages (move)
  • Delete pages (delete)
  • Block other users from editing (block)
  • Undelete a page (undelete)
  • Overwrite existing files (reupload)
  • Edit protected pages (editprotected)


On action:

  1. Input the name of the group and submit CreateNewGroup.png
  2. Check all the boxes with the nomenclature listed above (you may check all the boxes you seem fit) GrantPermissionsNewGroup.png
  3. From which level can this group be accessed?
  4. Allow users to join the group InviteUserToGroup.png
Expiry time[edit | edit source]

A user may be assigned to a user group for a limited duration. This can be done by selecting a duration from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, you can select "Other time:" and enter your own time period in the box. Relative periods like "10 weeks", as well as absolute dates or times like "2020-12-31", are accepted.

TL;DR[edit | edit source]

How do I change my logo/favicon?[edit | edit source]

To change the logo and favicon of your wiki, you need to add a specific URL to the textbox below the option. This URL will always be in the form of //, where X is a stand-in character for something that will be different depending on the file. To get this URL, follow these simple steps:

  1. Once the upload is completed, you'll be redirected to your image.
  2. Right click on the image and select an option to "Copy Image Location" or drag and drop the image into a new tab on your browser.
  3. Copy the URL of the current page (do not forget to delete the protocol http:)

Once you are done, make sure to clear the cache in your browser in order to see the updated image. Please be aware that the change may not be immediate, and can take several minutes to go through.

How do I enable VisualEditor on my wiki?[edit | edit source]

How do I change the default theme on my wiki?[edit | edit source]

I want to add a custom domain but the textbox is disabled. Help?[edit | edit source]

Currently this is not possible to add a subdomain without assistance from our sysadmins. Please read this page.