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Interwiki administrators

Interwiki administrators were users who could edit the interwiki table on any wiki upon request before this ability was granted to all wiki admins by default. The term referred to two types of users, global interwiki administrators who could edit the interwiki table of all wikis (excluding the global one on Meta which only Meta administrators could) or local interwiki administrators who could only edit the interwiki table of one wiki.

For wikis without any local interwiki administrators, or if local interwiki administrators had not been recently active, requests for changing interwiki should've been made on the Community noticeboard.

Interwiki administrators, both global and local, were required to check every link before they added it to Special:Interwiki, to make sure it was not malicious.

Global interwiki administrators[edit | edit source]

Global interwiki administrators (global-interwiki-admin) were users who could edit the interwiki table of any wiki upon request except the interwiki table on this wiki, Meta, which also serves as the global interwiki table as only Meta administrators may do that.

Global interwiki administrators should not have added or altered interwiki prefixes on wikis where they do not hold bureaucrat rights, unless local bureaucrats or the local community requested it, or where they have otherwise been provided with a local authorization, ratified by a local bureaucrat, to add interwiki prefixes on a discretionary basis. Global interwiki administrators could remove malicious interwiki prefixes from the local interwiki table without prior consultation of the local community.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

Global interwiki administrators were elected by users. Candidates could nominate themselves, or be nominated by another user, for the global permission at Requests for global permissions. Candidates should've articulated a clear reason for requesting the permission, and other community members (having created their accounts before the permissions request) may have expressed supportive, opposing, or neutral views. Additionally, any community member could and was encouraged to ask pertinent questions related to the candidate's suitability, technical knowledge, relevant experience, aptitude, and similar. A request was considered successful if:

  • there was a support ratio of at least 80%
  • a period of one week had passed since it started

Eligibility criteria and requesting[edit | edit source]

Interwiki administrators were voted by users. However, the following conditions had to be met in order for the user to be eligible to be voted. If these conditions were not met, the user may not be a candidate for Global Interwiki administrator and any votes will not matter. A candidate had to:

  • Have at least 500 total global edits on Miraheze (on more than one wiki) ( Note: These edits may not consist of directly copy/pasting content from other wikis, they must be edits done by the user);
  • Have had their Miraheze account for at least 2 months; and,
  • Be involved in some way in community matters (in discussions on the Community noticeboard, etc.)

Local interwiki administrators[edit | edit source]

Local interwiki administrators (interwiki-admin) are users who may be appointed by their local community to edit the interwiki table of only that wiki. Wikis which meet the eligibility criteria described below may appoint their own local interwiki administrators following a successful local election.

Eligibility criteria and requesting[edit | edit source]

Local interwiki administrators must meet the following conditions to be eligible for local interwiki administrator:

  • Hold bureaucrat rights on the local wiki;
  • Have had a Miraheze account for (a) at least two (2) weeks before requesting or (b) the two (2) month global user longevity requirement above;
  • Have made either (a) 500 edits on the local wiki where requested or (b) the 500 global edit requirement above; and,
  • Comply with any additional local rules governing the selection of local interwiki administrators

The wiki the request is for must have at least 5 active users (5 edits in the last 30 days). If this criterion is not met then local interwiki administrators may not be elected.

Appointment[edit | edit source]

On wikis that are eligible to appoint a local interwiki administrator, requests for local interwiki administrator should be made at that wiki's local request for permissions page or an equivalent page of high visibility where issues of interest are discussed in the community. In accordance with global convention, any election should stay open for at least 5 days after which a Steward should be informed of the completion of the local election at Stewards' noticeboard#Other access. There is no minimum support ratio or number of votes required, but determining consensus will be up to the closing Steward.

Revocation[edit | edit source]

Loss of local bureaucrat rights[edit | edit source]

If a local interwiki administrator loses the bureaucrat right for any reason, they will also lose their local interwiki administrator rights as they are no longer eligible for the position.

Malicious additions to an interwiki table[edit | edit source]

If an interwiki administrator adds any malicious site to interwiki, they can immediately be revoked without warning.

Inactivity[edit | edit source]

Global interwiki administrators who do not participate in the community in some form (such as adding or modifying interwiki prefixes, responding to questions on the Community noticeboard, IRC or Discord, etc.) for six (6) months will be deemed inactive and may have their global permissions removed by a Steward, after taking account activity on all wikis and related Miraheze platforms.

List of Global Interwiki administrators[edit | edit source]

  • Page last updated: 11 March 2024
  • Total number of global interwiki administrators: 5

None currently

Timeline of past and current Global Interwiki administrators[edit | edit source]

The following is a chart of global interwiki administrators.
User:BrandonWMUser:NotArachamUser:BukkitUser:Agent IsaiUser:UgochimobiUser:RedminUser:Universal OmegaUser:DmehusUser:TBCtableEXUser:黑底屍User:Shaunak ChakrabortyUser:開拓者User:CnocBrideUser:Hispano76User:AlvaroMolina

Revision history[edit | edit source]

The following Requests for Comment and discussions helped shape this policy:

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