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Interwiki links allow you to easily link to other wikis or websites without having to type out the entire URL

Interwiki links are special types of links to websites off your wiki that look just like normal links.

So, MediaWiki knows where you want to link to, interwiki links need a prefix followed by the page you're linking to.

For example, if you were to link to the page "Wikipedia:Requirements for adminship" on the English Wikipedia, a direct link to it would look like this: or if you add text to it, like this. If you were to use an interwiki link, you could use [[w:Wikipedia:Requirements for adminship]] instead of the link which would result in this: w:Wikipedia:Requirements for adminship, or if you added text, like this.

How to use[edit | edit source]

Interwiki links work just like normal links, the only difference is that you need to tell MediaWiki where you're linking to. To do this, you need to add a prefix that has a website assigned to it to tell MediaWiki where to send users to.

For example, Miraheze has globally assigned the w prefix to the English Wikipedia and will redirect you to any article on there if you prefix the link with w (e.g. [[w:Wikipedia:Requirements for adminship]] will redirect you to the English Wikipedia article "Wikipedia:Requirements for adminship"). To check what websites are usable by default via interwiki, check Special:Interwiki here on Miraheze Meta.

For your safety, interwiki prefixes need to be added manually to your local interwiki table by a local Bureaucrat to make sure no one can trick users into clicking a link which redirects them to an unsafe website. Additionally, new additions to the Interwiki table of any wiki are logged in an IRC chat, which is also bridged to the Miraheze Discord, to ensure malicious links are addressed. To learn how to request a new website added to your local interwiki table, see the Requesting additions section.

If bureaucrats cannot add additions to the interwiki table, they may have not been assigned the proper rights in the first place. Ensure that in ManageWiki that the right interwiki is checked.

Linking to other Miraheze wikis[edit | edit source]

To link to any Miraheze wiki through Interwiki links, simply use the following format: [[mh:<SUBDOMAIN>:<PAGE>]]. For example, to link to the page "TestWiki:Testing pages" on the Public Test Wiki (, you can use [[mh:test:TestWiki:Testing pages]] and it would render as mh:test:TestWiki:Testing pages or if you add text, as whatever you choose the text to be!

Linking off Miraheze[edit | edit source]

Miraheze also supports custom interwiki links to websites off Miraheze. For example, to link to the English Wikipedia, you can use [[w:<PAGENAME>]]. To see a full list of global interwiki prefixes, check Special:Interwiki here on Miraheze Meta.

You can also request new websites be added to your local interwiki table. See Requesting additions for more information.

Requesting additions[edit | edit source]

To request a new addition to your local interwiki prefix by a local Bureaucrat, you may ask them on their talk page (or any other relevant area on-wiki). If local bureaucrats are inactive, consider asking a Steward for assistance, on the Steward requests page, on IRC, or Discord. Make sure to include what website you want added to the interwiki table, what prefix it should use and if Forwarding or Transclusion should be enabled. Note that you can always request a global interwiki prefix be overridden on your wiki.

Forwarding and transclusion explained

What's Forwarding?

Forwarding in Interwiki terms means that if another website links to your wiki and links to a page containing the interwiki prefix, should your wiki redirect them to the destination? For example, if a website links to, should your wiki redirect them correctly to If set to no, then your wiki will return a "Bad title" error.

What's Transcluding?

Transclusion is what templates do; when you invoke a template on a page, it displays the content of the template on that page. In that same way, if you enable cross-wiki transclusion, you would be able to display the contents of the linked page if you used it like a template even if the page isn't on your wiki. For example, on your wiki, if you were to use {{meta::Help:Interwiki}}, it would display the content of this page on your wiki even though this page doesn't exist on your wiki!

Interlanguage[edit | edit source]

Interlanguage links are special links displayed on the sidebar, menu, or somewhere else depending on the skin which link to articles in other languages. For more information on requesting it setup, please check the aforementioned article.