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想要用IRC與其他的用戶交談,您可以透過Internet Relay ChatIRC)連接到freenode IRC網絡,這是目前的主要管道。


  • #miraheze-feed ([ircs:// / miraheze-feed IRC client]; IRC Webchat)< / small> - 所有公共wiki的IRC RecentChanges提要
  • #miiraheze-cvt ([ircs:// / miraheze-cvt IRC client]; IRC Webchat)< / small> - 一個公共頻道,通知CVT成員維基上的任何故意破壞或垃圾郵件。

關於IRC營運商,請參見IRC / Ops


The #miraheze channel is currently logged here:


There are some bots that we use (some are owned by Miraheze, some are not). Before adding a bot to a channel, please ask an operator first.

  • Icinga-miraheze - Reports issues and recoveries. Part of Icinga
  • MirahezeLogBot - Logs items on Server Admin Log
  • MirahezeRCBot - feeds recent changes from all public wikis to IRC (#miraheze-feed)
  • wm-bot5 - displays personalized commands (i.e. "good night") and others. Also provides channel logging. For details see this
  • not-*(numbers can be different) - displays GitHub actions on the Miraheze Repos
  • Sigyn - Kills spammers from the network, operated by Freenode. If bot is not around for 'no spam recently' and spammers return, be an op and use /invite Sigyn #miraheze to summon them.
  • AntiSpamMini - Notifies ops about certain abusive behaviors, spammers
  • eir - Manages quiets and bans, logging reasons and un-bans when given date expires. See usage here
  • Void-bot - Helps maintain channel, see here for features
  • ZppixBot - A bot ran (on toolforge) by @Zppix: and maintained by @Void:, @Reception123:, and @Zppix:, command listing is found by .help
  • MH-Discord - Relays messages between IRC and Miraheze's Discord. Maintained by @Zppix:.


These links are often mentioned in the channel: