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有多種方式可供您同其他 Miraheze 用戶交流,而其中一種方法便是通過 Internet Relay Chat 來和其他用戶交流。在那裡你可以同我們的用戶聊天、尋求幫助或者是聊點你們想聊的內容。

許多 IRC 頻道也會轉發到我們的 Discord 交流群,因此如果您使用 Discord,則無需連接到我們的 IRC 頻道即可接收某些頻道的幫助,反之亦然。

請記住,Miraheze Spaces 行為準則 適用於所有非 wiki 空間,包括 IRC。


要訪問我們的 IRC,您可以點擊下面任何頻道旁邊的綠色小“連結”按鈕來打開 Web 客戶端,或者您可以使用您想要的任何 IRC 客戶端。 IRC 用戶必須記住遵守 Miraheze Spaces 行為準則。 任何違反本行為政策的行為都將受到製裁。

我們的許多IRC 頻道均由指定的IRC 版主 主持,但某些頻道可能根據其目的擁有不同的版主(例如,wiki 的提要頻道可能由本地wiki 管理員作為版主,而不是系統管理員)等等)。 如果您有任何疑問,請聯繫他們。

某些 IRC 頻道可能會禁止使用開放代理、網絡主機和/或 VPN 進行訪問。 這是因為我們的 開放代理政策。 如果您想申請豁免,請發送電子郵件至。

如果您因任何原因被禁止加入我們的 IRC 頻道,請聯繫 IRC 版主 或發送電子郵件至。


If you are a Miraheze user in good standing with an on wiki account, you may request a Miraheze IRC cloak (in the form of @miraheze/<Username>) from one of the IRC Group Contacts. To request one, please mention it in our main channel or send a Group Contact a private message.

If a cloak holder engages in behavior which reflects negatively on the project and is unbecoming of a volunteer, they may have their cloak revoked without warning.


This is a general directory of IRC channels of importance. This doesn't reflect all IRC channels which exist in the #miraheze namespace.




For IRC Operators, please see IRC/Ops.


Some channels are logged on They are listed above with links to their logs.


If you want to talk with an user but they aren't currently online, you can leave them a memo using MemoServ. MemoServ will DM the user informing them that they have a memo from you when they log in, along with instructions on how to read the memo.

Send HELP to MemoServ through DM (for example /msg MemoServ HELP) for a list of commands. To send a memo, send SEND <IRC username> <content of the memo> to MemoServ via DM. For example: /msg MemoServ SEND IRCGroupContact hey, could I have one of those miraheze cloaks?.


There are some bots that we use (some are owned by Miraheze, some are not). Before adding a bot to a channel, please ask an operator first.

  • icinga-miraheze - Reports issues and recoveries. Part of Icinga
  • MirahezeLogBot - Logs items on Server Admin Log
  • MirahezeLSBot - Relays log items issued directly from the server by the system administrator to IRC from their issuing the logsalmsg command. MirahezeLogBot, in turn, logs the items to the Server Admin Log.
  • MirahezeRCBot - feeds recent changes from all public wikis to IRC (#miraheze-feed)
  • wm-bot - displays personalised commands (i.e. "good night") and others. Also provides channel logging. For details see this
  • botifico - displays GitHub actions on the Miraheze Repositories
  • Void-bot - Helps maintain channel, see here for features
  • MirahezeRelay - Relays messages between IRC and Miraheze's Discord.
  • StreamBotMH - Reports recent changes from specified wikis/pages/logs to specified channels.
  • litharge - Manages quiets and bans, logging reasons and un-bans when given date expires.


Stalkwords are words that can be used to get the attention of an entire group of people in an emergency.

  • !ops - Used to get immediate attention of channel operators in the event of an active situation requiring moderation powers on IRC.
  • !sre - Used to get immediate attention of as much of SRE as possible in an emergency. Please note that this is only to be used when an issue requires that as many people as possible get on an issue. This may at some point trigger SMS notifications and be used to wake up people / alert in a very spammy way. Incidents that require this ping should affect the entire farm and a significant proportion of users. (Cache proxy down, Database failures affecting a whole cluster, 502/3s lasting more than a few minutes etc., inability to edit despite logging in/out for all users)