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    To speak with other Miraheze users in real-time you can connect through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to the Libera Chat network. This is currently the main channel:



    Counter-Vandalism Team (CVT)




    For IRC Operators please see IRC/Ops.


    Access with open proxies, web hosts, and/or VPNs are automatically banned, by MirahezeBot, from certain IRC channels. This is because of our open proxies policy. If you would like to request an exemption, please email sre(at)


    Some channels are logged on They are listed above with links to their logs.

    • Note: Using IRC without an IRC cloak will display your IP address to those currently in the channel at the time, so you are encouraged to request a cloak to hide your IP address.


    Stalkwords are words that can be used to get the attention of an entire group of people in an emergency.

    • !ops - Used to get immediate attention of channel operators in the event of an active situation requiring moderation powers on IRC.
    • !sre - Used to get immediate attention of as much of SRE as possible in an emergency. Please note that this is only to be used when an issue requires that as many people as possible get on an issue. This may at some point trigger SMS notifications and be used to wake up people / alert in a very spammy way. Incidents that require this ping should affect the entire farm and a significant proportion of users. (Cache proxy down, Database failures affecting a whole cluster, 502/3s lasting more than a few minutes etc., inability to edit despite logging in/out for all users)


    There are some bots that we use (some are owned by Miraheze, some are not). Before adding a bot to a channel, please ask an operator first.

    • icinga-miraheze - Reports issues and recoveries. Part of Icinga
    • MirahezeLogBot - Logs items on Server Admin Log
    • MirahezeLSBot - Relays log items issued directly from the server by the system administrator to IRC from their issuing the logsalmsg command. MirahezeLogBot, in turn, logs the items to the Server Admin Log.
    • MirahezeRCBot - feeds recent changes from all public wikis to IRC (#miraheze-feed)
    • wm-bot - displays personalized commands (i.e. "good night") and others. Also provides channel logging. For details see this
    • botifico - displays GitHub actions on the Miraheze Repositories
    • Void-bot - Helps maintain channel, see here for features
    • MirahezeBot - A bot ran and maintained by FOSSBots. Command listing can be found by using .help
    • mhbridgebot - Relays messages between IRC and Miraheze's Discord.
    • StreamBotMH - Reports recent changes from specified wikis/pages/logs to specified channels.
    • litharge - Manages quiets and bans, logging reasons and un-bans when given date expires.
    • CosmicAlphaCVT - A bot ran and maintained by Universal Omega to help monitor spam and vandalism and report to #miraheze-cvt-feed.