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To speak with other Miraheze users real-time you can connect through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to the freenode IRC network. This is currently the main channel:

Besides, we also have some other channels:

Kudos[edit | edit source]

The log bot analyzes the chat and produces a list of helpful handles

Bots[edit | edit source]

There are some bots that we use.

  • Icinga-miraheze - Reports issues and recoveries
  • MirahezeLogBot - Logs items on Tech:Server admin log
  • MirahezeRCBot - feeds recent changes from all wikis to IRC
  • wm-bot5 - displays "Good night" messages to a specified user (requires user command prompt)
  • [d__d] - bot. Logs #miraheze channel and also has a few message functionalities
  • MirahezeGitHub - displays opened GitHub pull requests
  • Sygin - Kills spammer, operated by Freenode
  • AntiSpamMini - Notify ops about certain abusive behaviors
  • eir - Manages quiets and bans, logging reasons and un-bans when given date expires