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Below is a list of staff and volunteers. Feel free to add yourself.

Username (Name) Roles IRC Nickname (if applicable)
CnocBride Wiki Creator CnocBride
Dmehus Steward, Wiki Creator, Interwiki Administrator, Meta Administrator, Community support, Meta janitorial/housekeeping assistant/WikiJanitor dmehus (@miraheze/dmehus)
Cocopuff2018 Community support, Editor
dross Community support, Countervandalism (non-CVT) dross (@wikimedia/dross)
HeartsDo Wiki Creator, Meta Patroller, Meta Translation Administrator HeartsDo (@miraheze/HeartsDo)
Hispano76 Wiki Creator, Interwiki Administrator Hispano76 (@wikimedia/Hispano76)
John Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator), Meta Administrator, Meta Bureaucrat, Steward JohnLewis (@miraheze/John)
NDKilla Steward, Meta Administrator PuppyKun (@miraheze/NDKilla)
Paladox Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator) paladox (@wikimedia/Paladox)
RhinosF1 MediaWiki Administrator, Meta Administrator and Wiki Creator RhinosF1 (@miraheze/RhinosF1)
Reception123 Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator), Wiki Creator, Meta Administrator, Meta Bureaucrat, Global Sysop Reception123 (@miraheze/Reception123)
revi Volunteer revi (@wikimedia/-revi)
Sario528 Wiki Creator Sario (@quirc/admin)
Southparkfan Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator), Meta Administrator, Meta Bureaucrat SPF|Cloud (@wikipedia/Southparkfan)
Universal Omega MediaWiki Administrator, Interwiki Administrator, Wiki Creator Universal_Omega (@miraheze/Universal-Omega)
Void Steward, Wiki Creator Voidwalker (@wikipedia/The-Voidwalker)
Zppix Wiki Creator Zppix