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Below is a list of staff and volunteers. Feel free to add yourself.

Username (Name) Roles IRC Nickname (if applicable) Appears on System administrators page
AlvaroMolina CVT, Wiki creator, translationadmin AlvaroMolina (@miraheze/AlvaroMolina) no
CnocBride Wiki creator CnocBride no
ImBoPhil MediaWiki System Administrator imbophil (@miraheze/ImBoPhil) yes
John Operations (System Administrator) JohnFLewis yes
MacFan4000 CVT, Wiki creator, Autopatrolled, translationadmin MacFan4000 (@wikimedia/MacFan4000) no
NDKilla Operations (System Administrator), Steward PuppyKun (@miraheze/NDKilla) yes
Labster Financial management labster (@miraheze/Labster) yes
Reception123 Operations (System Administrator), Wiki creator, Administrator Reception123 or Reception|Away (@miraheze/Reception123) yes
revi MediaWiki System Administrator, Administrator revi (@wikimedia/-revi) yes
Southparkfan Lead System Administrator, Steward SPF|Cloud (@wikipedia/Southparkfan) yes
Videojeux4 Wiki creator videojeux4 (@miraheze/videojeux4) no
Void Steward, Wiki creator Voidwalker (@wikipedia/The-Voidwalker) no
Zppix CVT, Wiki creator, Bot operator Zppix (@miraheze/Zppix) no