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Below is a list of staff and volunteers. Feel free to add yourself.

Username (Name) Roles IRC Nickname (if applicable)
Anton Patroller, Translation Administrator Antsa (@miraheze/Antsa)
CnocBride Wiki Creator CnocBride
Dmehus Steward, Wiki Creator, Interwiki Administrator, Meta Administrator, Community support, Meta janitorial/housekeeping assistant/WikiJanitor dmehus (@miraheze/dmehus)
Cocopuff2018 Community support, Editor
dross Community support, Countervandalism (non-CVT) dross (@wikimedia/dross)
HeartsDo Wiki Creator, Meta Patroller, Meta Translation Administrator HeartsDo (@miraheze/HeartsDo)
Hispano76 Wiki Creator, Interwiki Administrator Hispano76 (@wikimedia/Hispano76)
NDKilla Steward, Meta Administrator PuppyKun (@miraheze/NDKilla)
RhinosF1 MediaWiki Engineer (System Administrator), Meta Administrator and Wiki Creator RhinosF1 (@miraheze/RhinosF1)
Reception123 Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator), Wiki Creator, Meta Administrator, Meta Bureaucrat, Global Sysop Reception123 (@miraheze/Reception123)
revi Volunteer revi (@wikimedia/-revi)
Sario528 Wiki Creator Sario (@quirc/admin)
Southparkfan Site Reliability Engineer (System Administrator), Meta Administrator, Meta Bureaucrat SPF|Cloud (@wikipedia/Southparkfan)
Universal Omega Interwiki Administrator, Wiki Creator Universal_Omega (@miraheze/Universal-Omega)
Void Steward, Wiki Creator Voidwalker (@wikipedia/The-Voidwalker)
Zppix Wiki Creator Zppix
うざっきー Patroller
Mazzaz Volunteer Mazzaz (@user/mazzaz)