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Global Sysops on Miraheze are users who assist Stewards in supporting the community and working with communities to address issues facing them locally as well as cleaning up vandalism, preventing it when possible and enforcing Miraheze's global policies.

Note however that they specifically do not have global access to read private wikis, or access any CheckUser or Oversight tools.

If you have an issue with a lock/block made by a global sysop, or you need to request one you can email cvt at (which also gets redirected to all Stewards)

Interferencia local

Global sysops should only act in their capacity if:

There is disruption on a wiki and there are no local sysops or bureaucrats acting in a reasonable amount of time

The global Special:AbuseLog shows attempted spam that hasn't been dealt with by local sysops or bureaucrats

A request to intervene is made by a member of the local community

A global policy violation needs rectification and local sysops or bureaucrats aren't acting in a reasonable amount of time

If there is consensus, a wiki can request to opt out of the group, which prevents Global Sysops from taking action on that wiki. Once consensus has been achieved, Stewards should be notified of the discussion at stewards' noticeboard. A list of opted out wikis, which include this wiki, can be found here.

Capacidad técnica

Los miembros del grupo global Global Sysop pueden hacer, entre otras cosas:

  • Block other users from editing
  • Search deleted pages
  • Delete pages
  • Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators"
  • Change protection levels and edit cascade-protected pages
  • Quickly rollback the edits of the last user who edited a particular page
  • Undelete a page

Registro de Acción

A list of Global Sysops member's actions is located on cvtwiki. The page is on the read whitelist and visible to all users.


Para ser designado Global Sysop, es necesario realizar una solicitud en Requests for global rights. La comunidad puede discutir (Apoyar, oponerse, abstenerse o comentar) la solicitud. La solicitud se considerará aceptada si:

  • al menos 10 usuarios comparten su punto de vista
  • hay una proporción de apoyo de al menos el 80%
  • ha pasado un período de una semana desde que comenzó


La comunidad global puede iniciar un voto de no confianza o una solicitud de remoción en cualquier momento. Para que sea aprobado, es necesario:

  • al menos 10 usuarios comparten su punto de vista
  • hay una proporción de apoyo de al menos el 80%
  • ha pasado un período de una semana desde que comenzó

Un voto de censura o una solicitud de destitución debe incluir una razón por la cual los usuarios solicitan la destitución de un miembro del grupo Global Sysop, y no se determina únicamente por el número de votos.

In the case of a blatant misuse of rights or an abuse of power, a Steward may remove a user from Global Sysop at their discretion without a community vote. If this happens, the user must undergo a no-confidence vote while their rights are temporarily removed, and their rights may only be added back if the no-confidence vote does not pass. This should only be used in extreme cases and should not substitute a no-confidence vote in non-urgent situations.

Global Sysops members who do not participate in Global Sysop duties in some form (countervandalism, locking abusive users, etc.) for 6 months will be deemed inactive and have their Global Sysop rights revoked by a Steward.

Una vez que un miembro del grupo Global Sysop tiene sus derechos revocados por cualquier razón, debe hacer una solicitud exitosa que satisfaga los criterios arriba mencionados para recuperar los derechos.

Lista de Global Sysops

  • Page last updated: 13 enero 2021
  • Total number of Global Sysops: 2
+/- User name Languages spoken Other rights Freenode nickname on IRC
MrJaroslavik cs-N, sk-3, en-3 administrator, interface administrator, wiki creator
Reception123 ro-N, en-4, fr-3 bureaucrat, administrator, interface administrator, wiki creator, system administrator Reception123 or Reception|away

Véase también

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