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Global IP block exemption

Global IP block exemption (global-ipblock-exempt) is a global user group which allows affected users to bypass any 'hard' global block (rare blocks which affect registered users) or any Tor or StopForumSpam block.

Note: Editing on a StopForumSpam-blocked range or through Tor is permitted by default on most Miraheze wikis, as the sfsblock-bypass and torunblocked user rights are included in the default user group. Additionally, the vast majority of global IP range blocks are soft range blocks that do not impact registered users in any way; one principal idea behind these blocks is to prevent mass account creation by spambot farms and vandalism-only account operators.

Requesting a global IP block exemption

A global IP block exemption may be requested on the Stewards' noticeboard#Other access. Please include the reason you need the exemption, any errors encountered that led to needing the exemption, and any other pertinent details. If you are unable to edit while logged in due to a range block, please email Please make sure to include your username and any errors encountered if requesting via email.

If approved, Stewards typically grant the group temporarily, typically for one year. If you still require it after one year, you may request the group again on the Stewards' noticeboard or via email.


The group is, by default, only given to users for a year. If it expires, you need to reapply for it. Inactive users may also be periodically removed from the group if no expiration was originally set for them.

Users who abuse their global IP block exemption to disrupt a wiki or bypass local sanctions, will have the group revoked from them and may face possible global sanctions for their behavior.

List of user rights for the global IP block exemption global group

  • Bypass global blocks (globalblock-exempt)
  • Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks (ipblock-exempt)
  • Bypass IP restrictions issued by the StopForumSpam extension (sfsblock-bypass)
  • Bypass automatic blocks of Tor exit nodes (torunblocked)

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