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  • Special:WikiDiscover則提供較新的wiki列表,除了標示wiki所屬語言之外,還會顯示是否為公開,以及所屬的分類。*而wmflabs.org可查看各wiki站點的統計數據。
  • Phabricator的編號680任務提出了讓「用戶監控wiki活動程度功能」的建議,但目前仍在等待有意開發的編碼員或志願者參與才能實現。


When editing this page, please list wikis alphabetically within a section, and please avoid boldfacing, huge text, and other gimmicks to advertise your wiki in preference to others.





Wikia名(網址) 編輯次數 頁面數 用戶數 活躍用戶數 管理員數 文件/圖片數 建立日期
AllTheTropes( 1286656 314740 1352 47 12 59162 2015年9月16日
TME( ( 32315 22239 147 2 3 1348 2016年4月30日
Yoavfreund( 35805 20415 25 0 1 19031 2017年8月23日
Poser and Daz Studio Freebies Resources ( 75416 14346 247 6 3 1571 2015年9月19日
Super Namu( 12621 12582 42 0 2 0 2016年9月18日
Sidem( 13879 12049 44 9 2 10692 2016年10月15日
BigForest Wiki( 68533 10810 210 11 5 875 2016年12月26日
King Killer( 22432 10134 6 0 2 0 0
Pluspi( 19451 7562 55 1 2 1341 2016年1月30日
The Lonsdale Battalion( 18394 6111 112 2 2 826 2016年7月6日
Maia Song Contest( 39180 6037 162 35 8 2417 2015年19月9日




  • SDIY wiki-有關製作、調整、修理電子樂器和相關設備的wiki。


  • Another Eden Wiki is a reference site for the JRPG mobile game Another Eden developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by GREE, Inc.
  • The Athas Wiki is an encyclopedia for the game Dark Sun.
  • Board Game Online Wiki is an encyclopedia for the game Board Game Online.
  • Brown Dust Wiki is a reference site for the mobile game Brown Dust developed and published by NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. and GAMFS Inc.
  • Civilization in Minecraft Wiki is an encyclopedia to detail the many user created civilizations and events.
  • Dr. Mario World Wiki is a reference site for the match-three mobile game Dr. Mario World developed and published by Nintendo in collaboration with Line Corporation and NHN Entertainment.
  • The Grand Theft Auto Wiki is a wiki that documents information related to the hit video game series, Grand Theft Auto.
  • Izanagi Online Wiki has documentation of the Izanagi Online game
  • Mr. Love Queen's Choice Wiki is a reference site for the mobile game Mr. Love Queen's Choice developed by Suzhou Diezhi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Paper Games) and published by Elex.
  • The iDOLM@STER: SideM Wiki is an encyclopedia for the game iDOLM@STER: SideM.
  • Minetest Wiki日本語版 is an encyclopedia of Minetest / Minetest artworks and a forum for Minetest players which is written in Japanese.
  • The Plazma Burst Wiki is an encyclopedia for the game series Plazma Burst.
  • When They Cry Wiki is an encyclopedia for the game series When They Cry.






  • Podpedia-收錄播客相關的百科全書。


Song contests



  • Air Disasters is a wiki about anything related to plane-crashes.
  • All The Tropes is an encyclopedia of tropes (themes, memes, and jokes) that recur in modern creative writing.
  • DIY Tech Tree is a reference of DIY instructions across the internet, with the intent of organizing it as a technology tree.
  • Factpedia is a wiki encyclopedia full of facts.
  • Localpedia, the free encyclopedia of locally significant topics (topics significant to small geographical areas, such as towns or cities).
  • The Multilingual Encyclopedia is a multilingual encyclopedia.
  • The Nonbinary Wiki is an encyclopedia about nonbinary gender identities.
  • The Paranormal Wiki is an encyclopedia about the occult.
  • QuIRC Wiki is a wiki to host information on and help develop the QuIRC bot framework. Sister wiki of RF1 Bot Wiki
  • Retro C Wiki covers anything related to old hardware/software specificaly documentate coding for those old platforms, for newbies and professional coders.
  • RF1 Bot Wiki host code and documentation for various python bot tools. Sister wiki of QuIRC Wiki.
  • The Science Archives is a resource of science and mathematics based information that anyone can edit.
  • Shiropedia is a wiki about castles in Japan.
  • Tetsupedia (テツペディア) is a wiki about railways written in Japanese, with some pages translated into multiple languages.

Reference sites on a single event or institution

Geography and tourism




Wikis developing a fantasy reality

Fan-based wikis on a certain show or characters

Humor wikis


Illogicopedia is a wiki of nonsense and illogical humor, and is part of the Uncyclomedia foundation, which hosts some of the Uncyclopedias.

  • Desligapedia is the Galician version of Illogicopedia.
  • Pyörrepedia is the Finnish version of Illogicopedia.
  • Usopedia (ウソペディア) is a general wiki project (consists of encyclopedia, news, music, books, games, and dictionary) of humor and nonsense in Japanese. It's a sister wiki of Illogicopedia, and regarded as the Japanese version of Illogicopedia.
  • 謊言百科 is the Chinese version of Illogicopedia.


Uncyclopedia is a satire/parody version of Wikipedia and its sister projects such as news and dictionary services. Uncyclopedia exists in many languages. They were franchises of Wikia/"Fandom" until 2019. Some Uncyclopedias moved to, or were copied to, Miraheze over stylistic disagreements or for other reasons.

  • Ansaikuropedia (アンサイクロペディア) is a Miraheze version of Uncyclopedia in Japanese.
  • Nonsensopedia is a Miraheze version of Uncyclopedia in Polish.
  • Nonciclopedia is a Miraheze version of Uncyclopedia in Italian.
  • 伪基百科 is a Miraheze version of Uncyclopedia in Chinese.
  • The Mirror is a satire news website derived from the UnNews service of Uncyclopedia.
  • Uncyc 2.0 is a Miraheze version of Uncyclopedia in English.
  • Uninspired is an Uncyclopedia-inspired satirical encyclopedia and general comedy writing wiki.
  • Unpedia is a wiki of humor in Japanese, and a repository for articles that various Uncyclopedias have judged to have NRV (No Redeeming Value).

Wikis used by education institutions

  • IPoly HS is a wiki for the IPoly High School.
  • Mikipedia is used as a general knowledge wiki globally.
  • Wright State University is used by the students of Wright State University, Lake Campus. This is the meta wiki for a number of wikis used by individual students.

Other types of wikis

  • Meta Wiki, the wiki on which you are reading this, is a place for Miraheze users to assemble to discuss Miraheze and get questions answered.
  • Test Wiki is a wiki on which everyone can be an administrator. It lets users test the MediaWiki software, including its administrative tools.
  • Test Wiki in Spanish is the Spanish version of Test Wiki. It has the same functions as the English version.
  • Template wiki is a template library.
  • Miraheze Commons is a library of images accessible on all Miraheze wikis.
  • Centopedia a wiki about miscellaneous subjects (Wikipedia style)