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The following is an unofficial list of wikis at Miraheze. This list is created and added to by wiki authors, and constitutes an invitation to other users to read and contribute.

  • A newer list of all wikis is at Special:WikiDiscover. This list indicates the wiki's language, whether it is public or private, and its category.
  • can also be consulted for such statistics on all Miraheze wikis.
  • Activity on a wiki can be monitored by visiting Special:Analytics locally.

All wikis wax and wane over time. There is no guarantee that any of the wikis listed below is still active, or still has the purpose stated below. No one has a duty (beyond courtesy) to edit this page to keep the description of their wiki current. If you visit a wiki of interest and find it abandoned, you can ask to adopt it at Requests for adoption‎‎. If a wiki no longer exists, please remove it from the list.

When editing this page, please:

  • list wikis alphabetically within a section
  • please avoid boldfacing, huge text, and other gimmicks to advertise your wiki in preference to others.

Wikis listed below are all in English, unless stated otherwise.

Data collected: 15 August 2019

Wiki name (URL) Edits Pages Users Active users Admins Files/Images Creation date
AllTheTropes 1424563 319450 2904 47 12 59778 16 September 2015
Uncyclopedia 64507 51822 162 1 4 42527 16 August 2017
Zhdel 167539 38179 77 1 3 1 26 September 2017
NL Trams 48189 38000 42 1 3 14484 27 May 2018
MC2 68947 30725 34 4 17 607 28 December 2017
Sidem 36773 28734 173 9 6 27568 15 October 2016
TME 33400 22728 430 2 3 1395 30 April 2016
Podpedia 33108 22240 264 5 19 735 14 September 2017
Yoavfreund 35957 20380 129 0 2 19025 23 August 2017
Poser and Daz Studio Freebies Resources 98440 18829 586 6 3 2741 19 September 2015

Reference sites on a field of activity


  • Ônibus Wiki is a wiki that covers everything about buses and transportation.



  • Synth DIY Wiki is about making, modifying, or repairing electronic musical instruments and related equipment.
  • Simple Electronics Wiki is a series of tutorials for entry-level electronics.


Mobile games

  • Age of Civilizations 2 Wiki is an encyclopedia and reference site for the game Age of Civilizations 2 developed and released by Łukasz Jakowski.
  • Another Eden Wiki is a reference site for the JRPG mobile game Another Eden developed by Wright Flyer Studios and published by GREE, Inc.
  • Blade XLord Wiki is a reference site for the mobile game Blade XLord developed and published by Applibot Inc.
  • Brave Nine Wiki is a reference site for the mobile game Brave Nine developed and published by NEOWIZ Co., Ltd. and GAMFS Inc.
  • Crappy Games Wiki talks about bad games.
  • Dr. Mario World Wiki is a reference site for the match-three mobile game Dr. Mario World developed and published by Nintendo in collaboration with Line Corporation and NHN Entertainment.
  • Izanagi Online Wiki has documentation of the Izanagi Online mobile game.
  • Mr. Love Queen's Choice Wiki is a reference site for the mobile game Mr. Love Queen's Choice developed by Suzhou Diezhi Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Paper Games) and published by Elex.
  • The Project Sekai Wiki is an encyclopedia and reference site for the mobile game Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! feat. Hatsune Miku, developed by Colorful Palette and published by SEGA.
  • The iDOLM@STER: SideM Wiki is a reference site and encyclopedia for The iDOLM@STER: SideM series including both of the mobile games (The iDOLM@STER: SideM, published by Altplus Inc., and The iDOLM@STER: SideM LIVE ON ST@GE, published by Akatsuki), discography, and many more.

Languages and linguistics

  • Linguapedia is an etymological dictionary, thesaurus, and historical linguistics encyclopedia.





  • Photopedia is a reference site concerning photographic technique, gear, etc.


  • Podpedia is an encyclopedia of podcasts.


Song contests



  • Ingenpedia è un wiki privo di contenuti espliciti e sconvolgenti.
  • Ingentionary è un wiki dizionario privo di contenuti espliciti e sconvolgenti.
  • About of Linux Wiki è un wiki che raccoglie informazioni su Linux.
  • All The Tropes è un'enciclopedia di tropi (temi, memi e battute) che ricorrono nella scrittura creativa moderna.
  • All Crime, un'enciclopedia incentrata su crimini, criminali condannati e aspetti correlati.
  • The CLG Wiki è un wiki che documenta i loghi di produzione. Il suo sito gemello, Company Bumpers Wiki si concentra su schermi di avvertimento, bumper di presentazione delle caratteristiche, e altro.
  • Crossover Wiki è un wiki sui crossover nella fiction.
  • DIY Tech Tree è un riferimento di istruzioni DIY su internet, con l'intento di organizzarlo come un albero tecnologico.
  • Electowiki è un wiki di riferimento per ricercatori e attivisti di metodi elettorali, che spiega il gergo frequentemente usato nelle discussioni online sulla riforma elettorale.
  • The Holidays Wiki è un wiki sulle vacanze negli Stati Uniti.
  • The Multilingual Encyclopedia è un'enciclopedia multilingue.
  • Mywikipedia è un wiki su tutti i tipi di argomenti.
  • The Nonbinary Wiki è un'enciclopedia sulle identità di genere nonbinario.
  • [[mh:pourquoi|Pourquoi?] (francese) la versione francese di wikiwhy (presto); questa wiki risponde a tutte le domande che iniziano con Why come Why breath is important? Si prega di contribuire.
  • QuIRC Wiki è un wiki per ospitare informazioni su e aiutare a sviluppare il framework bot QuIRC. Wiki sorella di RF1 Bot Wiki
  • Retro C Wiki copre tutto ciò che riguarda il vecchio hardware/software, in particolare la codifica di documenti per queste vecchie piattaforme, per principianti e codificatori professionisti.
  • RF1 Bot Wiki ospita codice e documentazione per vari strumenti bot in python. Wiki sorella di QuIRC Wiki.
  • Roleplay Media è un wiki dove i giocatori di ruolo possono creare i propri contenuti, esprimere la creatività e formare connessioni sociali.
  • The Science Archives è una risorsa wiki di informazioni basate sulla scienza e la matematica.
  • Shiropedia è un wiki sui castelli in Giappone.
  • WorLocNews wiki, tutto ciò che riguarda le notizie, versione inglese semplice o base.
  • Wizard è un'enciclopedia di argomento generale, come wikipedia!

Reference sites on a single event or institution

Geography and tourism



Wikis developing a fantasy reality

  • adia.project is a reference site for the fictional world of Adia.
  • The Aeross Wiki is a wiki that develops articles about the fictional universe of Aeross.
  • The Aleen-gha Wiki is a reference site for the fictional world of Aleen-gha.
  • The Alternate History Wiki is a wiki about alternate histories. Timelines are based on what if an event in our history had a different outcome.
  • Alternative Sport History is a reference site for fictional sporting events.
  • Constructed Worlds (Altverse) is the official Miraheze port of Constructed Worlds Wiki that hosts both worldbuilding and alternate history projects.
  • Crazybloxian Empire is an encyclopaedia about the fictional NationStates nation of Crazybloxian Empire.
  • 空想科学Wiki (Dreamscience) is a encyclopedia about scientific analysis on manga and animation in Japanese.
  • Fiction and Fictional Settings Wiki is a wiki for fiction, world-building, fictional places, fictional things independent of stories, and probably a bit of other stuff.
  • The Future History Wiki is a wiki about future history.
  • Ildril is a database of fictional worlds.
  • Imaginarypedia is Japanese wiki to create fictional universe by sharing people's ideas.
  • 日本TW架空国家Wiki (Kakukokka) is a wiki about fictional country created by people that have action in the Twitter and Wiki in Japanese.
  • The Libertian Archives is a reference site for the fictional Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia.
  • The Ordic Encyclopedia is a reference site for the fictional world of Ordis.
  • Reds! Revolutionary Timeline Wiki is a wiki encyclopedia dedicated to the Reds! A Revolutionary Timeline alternate history timeline hosted on and Sufficient Velocity forums.
  • Tanukipedia is an encyclopedia for people creating imaginary maps, railways, and languages in Japanese.
  • Tuscriaturas (In spanish) is a project that has multiple puropose. And have multiple Namespaces. Bestiateca is for archiving real life sources of bestiaries and creatures. The main space is for developing fantasy, imagination, science fiction and surreality listing the tropes and creatures of fiction and fanfiction and also original work. Some Metaverses used are: Milegu, and Umaggar.
  • Ucronias Wiki is an alternative history project in Spanish.
  • UBR (União Brasileira de Regiões - Brazilian Union of Regions) is a geofiction union of Brazilian/Portuguese-speaking worldbuilders and geopolitical enthusiasts (foreigners accepted as well). Founded in 2009, it is set on the fictional world of Adalar currently at the equivalent of the 1960's.
  • Unite Vers is a wiki developing a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-esque mass crossover universe.
  • Yourcreatures Sister project to Tuscriaturas. Bestiateca is for archiving real life sources of bestiaries and creatures. The main space is for developing fantasy, imagination, science fiction and surreality listing the tropes and creatures of fiction and fanfiction and also original work.


  • Fanonpedia is a wiki where anyone can put any original fictional stuff in, in the style of Wikipedia.
  • Fanonsource is a fictional text library
  • Fantionary is a dictionary serving for invented terms.

Fan-based wikis on a certain show or characters

  • SOS団Miraheze支部 is a Japanese wiki based on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is one of the biggest wikis on Fandom, and we're looking to replicate that on Miraheze!
  • My Little Pony wiki (Equestripedia) is the largest reference site dedicated to everything My Little Pony.
  • The Netease Minecraft Forum Wiki is a wiki of an Chinese-Minecraft forum (run by Discuz!). It has lots of culture, funny things, users who are active in the forum, events of the forum, every user groups with their rights of Discuz!, the extensions of Discuz! and so on.
  • WikiHood is a wiki based on Disney 1952 Live Action film The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men and 1973 Animated film Robin Hood.
  • World of Kirbycraft Wiki is a reference site for the series World of Kirbycraft.

Humor wikis


Illogicopedia è un wiki di nonsense e umorismo illogico, e fa parte della fondazione Uncyclomedia, che ospita alcune delle Uncyclopedias.

  • Usopedia (ウソペディア) è un progetto wiki generale (composto da enciclopedia, notizie, musica, libri, giochi e dizionario) di umorismo e nonsense in giapponese. È una wiki sorella di Illogicopedia, e considerata la versione giapponese di Illogicopedia.


Uncyclopedia is a satire/parody version of Wikipedia and its sister projects such as news and dictionary services. Uncyclopedia exists in many languages. They were franchises of Wikia/"Fandom" until 2019. Some Uncyclopedias moved to, or were copied to, Miraheze over stylistic disagreements or for other reasons.

Wikis used by education institutions

  • IPoly HS is a wiki for the IPoly High School.
  • Wright State University is used by the students of Wright State University, Lake Campus. This is the meta wiki for a number of wikis used by individual students.

Other types of wikis

  • Reborn Wikipedia is an encyclopedia similar to Wikipedia, but with an emphasis on high-quality articles.
  • Centopedia is a wiki about miscellaneous subjects (Wikipedia style).
  • Miraheze Developers Wiki is a shared repository of CSS and JavaScripts, including gadgets, that have, ideally, been customized for Miraheze customer wikis, in a manner not dissimilar from Template Wiki.
  • Encyclopedia Mirahezia is a wiki about miscellaneous subjects Wikipedia style, like Centopedia.
  • IT & Sustainability is about intersection of IT and environmental issues. List of resources, reference and place for related discussion.
  • 日本クラブ (japan) is a community wiki for Japanese users. They can communicate with each other and promote their wiki.
  • Meta Wiki, the wiki on which you are reading this, is a place for Miraheze users to assemble to discuss Miraheze and get questions answered.
  • Miraheze Commons
  • Template wiki is a template library.
  • Test Wiki is a wiki on which everyone can be an administrator. It lets users test the MediaWiki software, including its administrative tools.
  • The Wiki Archive is a Deletionpedia-esque wiki that attempts to archive all pages deleted from every wiki.