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    Global IP block exemption is a global user group that can be assigned by a Steward upon request to any registered user to allow them to edit through Tor or other virtual private networks for reasons relating to privacy or for other legitimate reasons, such as to bypass state-imposed Internet traffic restrictions in the user's home country.

    Note: Editing through Tor is permitted by default on most Miraheze customer wikis, as the torunblocked user right is included within the user group of ManageWikiDefaultPermissions. Additionally, the vast majority of global IP rangeblocks will be soft rangeblocks that will not affect registered users in any way—one of the principal ideas behind these blocks is to prevent mass account creation by spambot farms and vandalism only account operators.

    Requesting a global IP block exemption[edit | edit source]

    A global IP block exemption may be requested, ideally, if you are currently able to edit on Miraheze, at Stewards' noticeboard, where a Steward will evaluate your reason for requesting and assess your need for a global IP exemption. Alternatively, it may also be requested by sending an e-mail message to stewards(at), by stating your username and/or IP address(es) affected and the reason for your request. If state-imposed Internet traffic restrictions or other Miraheze global blocks are restricting your ability to edit on Miraheze, you should use the alternate method for requesting.

    List of user rights for the global IP block exemption global group[edit | edit source]

    • Bypass global blocks (globalblock-exempt)
    • Bypass IP blocks, auto-blocks and range blocks (ipblock-exempt)
    • Bypass automatic blocks of Tor exit nodes (torunblocked)