Fundraising campaign December 2020/Plan

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Miraheze's Technical Team is looking forward to enhance the services by purchasing new servers and adding new services. A breakdown of the concept plans can be seen on this page. If the account balance of Miraheze Limited allows the Technical Team to adhere to the below plan, they can ask the Board to allocate the necessary funds. Please note that this plan has not been approved by the Board, since the outcome of our fundraising campaign will be decisive for a formal decision (one should only allocate 100̬% of the budget if the financial position allows it).

Breakdown (total 2021)[edit | edit source]

Category Expenses
Current infrastructure £245 per month
12 months: £2940
Utilities Certificates: £50 per year
Domain names: £40 per year
Phone: £15 per year
Sub total £3045
General capacity expansion £71.50 per month
10 months: £715
Backup infrastructure enhancements £25 per month
12 months: £300
Total £4060
Avg per month: ~£335 (£338.33)