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Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, truly! Miraheze has seen record-breaking community and traffic growth like never before. Though a hard year for many, we have seen hundreds of communities move to Miraheze over the past year and we cannot feel anything but thankfulness for them choosing Miraheze. Help us thrive for years to come. Please, consider donating to help Miraheze stay afloat. Your donation will go a long way too. Not only will you help keep us online but you will also help us improve our services much more and make them faster. None of us get paid but we love our work and we hope you do too so please, donate to the one-of-a-kind project, Miraheze. - Agent Isai, on behalf of the Miraheze team.

Where will my donation go?

Your donation goes a long way, consider what we'll be able to do with it:

Keeping Miraheze running

Serving over 200,000 users a day is not cheap. Your donation will help keep Miraheze running and serving our hundreds of thousands of users every single day. To keep Miraheze running as it does right now, we need £3840 which will all go towards servers. As you know well, none of us get paid, but we love the work we do and we hope you do too. Your donation will help keep Miraheze online another year and will help us keep serving you. However, we wish to improve your experience much more! Consider what else we'll do if we surpass the £3840 basic survival goal.

Unique visitors per day / Where our visitors come from
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Miraheze is growing and there's no signs of slowing down any time soon! From 150,000 unique visitors to 230,000 in half a year is quite a bit, especially since they all comprise over 2 million pageviews a day. This, of course, puts a strain on our servers. No one wants a slow wiki and neither do we. If we surpass our basic survival goal for 12 months, we will be able to do a lot which will improve your experience with the leftover donations. From upgrading our storage system to improving connectivity to our Asian users, we hope that we are able to improve your experience a lot! Below is a plan of what we want to do if we surpass our goal.

Cost Upgrade Reasoning
£120/£240 Memory Each of our servers currently has 64GBs of RAM. We are seeking to expand this to 96GBs each or, if possible, 128GBs each to allow for us to cache more data in the memory versus disk which is much slower.
£120 SSDs Currently, we have an SSD capacity on each of our core servers of 960GB. We are looking to bring this up to 1440GBs to accommodate our growing needs.
£160 Increase caching capacity We currently have 2 content proxies in Canada and 2 in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to add another one to both Canada and the United Kingdom and to also launch 2 either in Singapore or Australia to improve Asian connectivity (we will analyse which makes the biggest impact on Asian users connectivity and open it accordingly).
£360 Additional SSD Upgrades Once we move our storage system away to a dedicated server, we would have some disk slots available to upgrade from HDDs to SSDs. We would look to upgrade three of these to SSDs, giving us 960GB more disk space to utilise.
£400 New servers for storage Our current system for storing user-generated content (such as files and images) is in need of a much needed upgrade. We currently rely on outdated and inefficient technology with poor reliability and poor performance powered by HDDs. We are looking to move to a new storage solution (Swift) which is used by the Wikimedia Foundation and many other organisations to serve high traffic volumes. This would require that we purchase a new dedicated server just for Swift and upgrade our storage volumes from HDDs to SSDs.

Why should I donate?

Support a one-of-a-kind project

We really mean it when we say that Miraheze truly one of a kind. We are a not-for-profit and open source project which provides free and high-quality wiki hosting and support for thousands of communities. With the power of volunteers, we serve our users every single day, all without pay. What other organisation provides high-quality wiki hosting to thousands a day for free? Users often remark that Miraheze seems to good to be true and it almost is. Help keep this truly unique project online for years to come.

Support a project that listens to its users

From its beginning, Miraheze has committed itself to always listening to its users and being community-centric. We give all stakeholders an important voice in the development of Miraheze. Unlike other wiki hosts, we care about what our users think and we never institute major changes without taking the community into account. The community is also engraved in our policies. In order to change global policies, elect new high ranking global officials (Stewards, Global Sysops, Interwiki administrators), and more, these all have to go to a community vote and only the community may vote for or against these. We don't appoint Stewards or Global Sysops, the community does!

Support a project that has transparency like none other

Very few organisations are as transparent as Miraheze is. All our policies are documented here on Miraheze Meta, our finances are open to the public, and so are our meeting places for departments like Site Reliability Engineering. We always strive to put our users first and let them know what's going on inside; we never leave anyone in the dark.

Support a project which thousands depend on

Thousands of users and organisations alike depend on Miraheze. Miraheze has grown to be a vital and critical collaboration tool for many organisations. Below are a few:

  • Ada Developers Academy
  • Bristol Community Health
  • Filipino Student Council of New South Wales
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature
  • Jackson Heights Initiative
  • NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence
  • Open Government Pioneers
  • Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
  • Thunis (Saarland University Theatre Group)
  • Wikimedia Indonesia

Pictogram voting info.svg Note: If you are affiliated with any of the above organisations, we would be most appreciative if you spoke with your department head or other organisation team leader about your organisation making a much appreciated and generous monetary donation to Miraheze in view of the hundreds or thousands of dollars Miraheze has saved your organisation. Likewise, if you are affiliated with an organisation not listed above, please let us know on this campaign's talk page.

Where we stand

Miraheze is shattering records in traffic! Back in November 2021 when we held our last fundraiser, we had about 145,000 unique visitors per day. Now we have 230,000 unique visitors, an increase of 58%! Thankfully, we have been able to make the most of our current budget and we currently pay £320 every (~$400) month for server hosting. While the community growth is awesome news for a community-centric project like Miraheze, the increase in traffic requires resource upgrades to allow us to cope with this massive growth. Our monitoring systems show that there is not enough room for such growth sometimes, causing stability issues at peak times.

If we were to anticipate another ~60% growth in traffic from June 2022 to October 2022, we must upgrade certain parts of our infrastructure on top of keeping our current servers, which means we wish to be able to reach our goal of £5120.

Predicted run down of account balance in 2022 - in case of no income
Have questions?

We've got answers! If you have any questions, suggestions or want to find out how you can support Miraheze beyond just donating, you can write on the talk page or email us at sre(at)

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