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    For nearly 8 years now, Miraheze has provided quality ad-free wiki hosting service for the same price: free. Our commitment has not changed or wavered ever. No other free wiki host comes close to providing the exceptional level of service which Miraheze does. We love our users, and we're glad to see that we help their communities thrive.

    The ongoing pandemic has caused our server costs to skyrocket but the commitment to our users remains the same. Please consider donating to help Miraheze continue to thrive. Your donation will go a very long way. Not only will you help keep us online, but you will also help us improve our services and make them faster. None of us get paid, but we love our work, and we hope you do too, so please donate to our one-of-a-kind project, Miraheze.

    Where will my donation go?

    No one at Miraheze gets paid. We mean it. No one. 100% of your donation goes back into Miraheze in the form of server payments and expansion. Consider what we'll do with your donation:

    Keeping Miraheze running

    We serve nearly 200,000 users daily. It's not cheap to serve so many users across thousands of wikis. Your donation will help keep Miraheze running and serving our hundreds of thousands of users. We need £3840 ($4,243) to pay for our servers and keep Miraheze online. Your donation will help keep Miraheze online another year and will help us keep serving you. However, we wish to improve your experience much more! Consider what else we'll do if we surpass the £3840 ($4,243) basic survival goal.

    Wikimedia Servers-0051 17.jpg


    Miraheze is growing, and there's no sign of slowing down any time soon! Thanks to the result of our last fundraiser, we were able to improve our infrastructure a lot, and we hope to improve again this year. If we surpass our basic survival goal for 12 months, we will improve even more. From upgrading our storage system to improving connectivity to our Asian users, we hope that we are able to improve your experience a lot! Below is a plan of what we want to do if we surpass our goal.

    GBP to USD conversion may not add up exactly as decimals are generally rounded up.

    Cost Upgrade Reasoning
    £120 ($146)/£240 ($292) Memory Each of our servers currently has 64GBs of RAM. We are seeking to expand this to 96GBs each or, if possible, 128GBs each to allow for us to cache more data in the memory versus disk which is much slower.
    £120 ($146) SSDs Currently, we have an SSD capacity on each of our core servers of 960GB. We are looking to bring this up to 1440GBs to accommodate our growing number of users and readers.
    £160 ($194) Increase caching capacity We currently have 2 content proxies in Canada and 2 in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to add another one to both Canada and the United Kingdom and to also launch 2 either in Singapore or Australia to improve Asian connectivity (we will analyse which makes the biggest impact on Asian users connectivity and open it accordingly).
    £360 ($438) Additional SSD Upgrades Once we move our storage system away to a dedicated server, we would have some disk slots available to upgrade from HDDs to SSDs. We would look to upgrade three of these to SSDs, giving us 960GB more disk space to utilise.

    Why should I donate?

    Support a unique project

    People are shocked when they learn no one at Miraheze makes a profit or gets paid. Everything we do is for our users and never with profit in mind. With the power of our awesome volunteers (which you can be too!), we serve our users every single day, all without pay. What other organisation provides high-quality wiki hosting to thousands a day for free? Users often remark that Miraheze seems too good to be true, and it almost is. Help keep this truly unique project online for years to come!

    Support a project that listens to its users

    Everything we do is with our users' consent; their word is law. All our global policies are ratified and voted on by the community (this includes you!) and our 'staff' members (Stewards, Global Sysops) serve at the community's pleasure. No other wiki host takes such a user-centred approach, and no one ever will. That's what makes Miraheze unique: we care about what our users think.

    Support a project that has transparency like none other

    Very few organisations are as transparent as Miraheze is. All our policies are documented here on Miraheze Meta, our finances are open to the public, and you can always peek into what our teams are doing with ease. We always strive to put our users first and let them know what's going on inside; we never leave anyone in the dark.

    Support a project that thousands depend on

    Thousands of users and organisations alike depend on Miraheze. Miraheze has grown to be a vital and critical collaboration tool for many organisations. Below are a few:

    • Ada Developers Academy
    • Bristol Community Health
    • California Correctional Health Care Services
    • Filipino Student Council of New South Wales
    • International Union for Conservation of Nature
    • Jackson Heights Initiative
    • NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence
    • Northeastern University
    • Open Government Pioneers
    • Rosetta Code
    • Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations
    • Thunis (Saarland University Theatre Group)
    • Wikimedia Indonesia

    Pictogram voting info.svg Note: If you are affiliated with any of the above organisations, we would be most appreciative if you spoke with your department head or other organisation team leader about your organisation making a much appreciated and generous monetary donation to Miraheze in view of the hundreds or thousands of dollars Miraheze has saved your organisation. Likewise, if you are affiliated with an organisation not listed above, please let us know on this campaign's talk page.

    Get a small reward for donating

    Users who setup a recurring monthly donation of £10 will receive a special role on our Discord server which publicly identifies them as donors. Please make sure to tell us your Discord username to claim this.

    Users who donate £100+ ($122+) will receive the same as above and will have their name added to the "Special thanks" section below, as long as you tell us your username.

    Where we stand

    Miraheze continues to grow, and various communities continue to move to Miraheze. Due to the ongoing pandemic and energy crisis in the United Kingdom/Europe, our server costs have skyrocketed from £320 ($390) a month to £520 ($634) a month.

    Due to this, our fundraiser goal is higher than last year's and was started sooner than anticipated. We trust that by next year, our server costs will hopefully lower. Below is a graph showing our current position and our projected future should nothing change.

    • Archiopedia - £200 ($244)
    • 周伯欣 Chou - £150 ($183)
    • Allan Gutierrez - £142 ($174)
    • NotAracham - £125 ($152)
    • CoolieCoolster - £101 ($123)

    Miraheze is operated by Miraheze Limited, which is registered in England and Wales (Registration Number: 12323854).