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This page is a translated version of the page FAQ and the translation is 60% complete.
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This is a collection of some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Miraheze.

This page is not a policy document but an introductory guide. It refers to some actual policy documents, such as the Dormancy Policy. Read those documents to see what the actual policies are.



這裡是存放所有維基(稱為「維基農場」)的地方。維基是一種面向協作編輯的網站,具有即時性和全球性的出版物。Miraheze 使用 MediaWiki 軟體,可讓人們編輯同一個頁面、且支持高亮、插圖、及其它特殊功能等,且能保留過去所有頁面編輯紀錄的副本,供用戶複製或取代為現有的副本。維基百科即是最具知名度的維基。



Miraheze 的用戶僅能透過其用戶名作為識別。人們使用的用戶名在所有 Miraheze 維基是一致的。在註冊時,您可以建立屬於自己的用戶名。Miraheze 的用戶可以選擇透露自己的身分,但若未經他人許可就透露他人身分,則會造成嚴重的違規行為。 以下為 Miraheze 中出現的角色:

  • 服務人員-他們負責 Miraeze的全球社區和所有維基的行為;舉例來說,當管理員身份也無法妥善處理維基的破壞行為時,你可以聯絡服務人員公告欄
  • System administrators - They are responsible for the technical functioning of Miraheze and making sure everything is working as intended.
  • Meta Administrators - They are in charge of matters involving this wiki, "Meta". Meta administrators are only in charge of this wiki.
  • Board of Directors - It is the governing body of Miraheze Limited. Currently, it mains full financial, decision and goal making authority for the company. There are currently 4 directors.
  • The Miraheze community itself — all users, to the extent that they care to participate — assemble at the Community noticeboard, where you can discuss anything related to Miraheze, the community and observations on which you would like others' opinions.

What are these wikis?

Miraheze已經脫管了4241個維基了。你可以在Gazetteer of wikis找到其中一部分,這些維基有附說明而且很多都歡迎你參與觀看甚至編輯。如果要看全部維基的清單,可以到Special:WikiDiscover觀看

為何要叫做 Miraheze?



Business model

How do you finance your hosting?

Miraheze is a non-profit and entirely depends on donations from others. We do not have ads, nor are we financed by a company or a government, so we depend on our donors. Please see Donate and Finance for more information.




Miraheze 接受所有 PayPal支援的付款方式。你可以參考這裡或者直接捐款給donate at miraheze.org。詳細情形可參閱捐款條目或者聯絡Owen




We currently have 2 servers located in London which host 10 virtualised instances. Most of our servers are located in London, but two of them are located in the Netherlands (bacula1, ns1), one of them is located in the Canada (cp8) and cp3 is located in Singapore. Most of our servers are hosted with OVH but bacula1 and ns1 are hosted through RamNode and cp3 is hosted on DigitalOcean. You can see more information and documentation about each of them on our list of servers and on their specific pages




How do I confirm that my wiki has been created?

Your request should appear in the Farmer log and request wiki queue. When someone takes up your request and creates your wiki, this should be visible, too, in the Farmer log. In addition, you will receive a notification when the request is accepted or declined.

There are some cases where a wiki can't be created, such as when a wiki with the same name already exists, when you didn't provide enough information in your request, or when creating it is against either the Content Policy or any other Miraheze policies. In this case, you will be advised on your user talk page.

What is the initial state of my new wiki?

We will put a Main Page on your wiki, with wording (in your chosen language) that is as inviting as possible, given that no wiki member has written anything real yet. We encourage you to edit this with whatever material you want a visitor to see first.

In addition, your user name will be designated the wiki's first bureaucrat. (This is a wiki administrator with the power to appoint other users as administrators, and to depose them as well as use the ManageWiki functions by default.)

What if something goes wrong?

This unfortunately can happen from time to time. Stay calm! Check your request in the Farmer log to be sure the request got into the log and was serviced. The quickest (and recommended) ways to report an issue are Phabricator and IRC, but you can also leave a message on the Community noticeboard, or contact a system administrator of your choice. If you were shown an error message when you tried to view your wiki, or tried to take an action that should have been allowed, copy this information and include it in your report.



Most of what happens on a Miraheze wiki is dictated by the MediaWiki software. If you began by editing your wiki's Main Page, then what you type would be visible by every visitor. However, to make your wiki attractive, with highlighted text, headings, sidebars, infoboxes, illustrations, and dynamic effects, you will need to add mark-up as specified by MediaWiki although through the Special:ManageWiki/extensions page you can enable 'Visual Editor' which is a 'what you see is what you get' style editor. Please be aware though that after enabling this, it can take up to 10 mins for it to fully work.

A good introduction to MediaWiki is at the MediaWiki help center. A few recurring questions are answered below.


Every web page is "rendered" on the reader's screen according to a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Your wiki will have a document named MediaWiki:Common.css. It contains not text but rendering commands in a special language. For example, to make every second-level section header come out in green, include this command:

 H2 { color: green }



要匯入其他維基的單一頁面,需要在來源維基使用 Special:Export 來取得該頁的 XML 檔。然後在目標維基使用Special:Import來匯入頁面。

如果要匯入其他維基的大量/所有頁面,需要取得這些頁面的XML檔,然後向Phabricator.提出匯入頁面的需求時附上這些檔案。你也可以把檔案和需求說明寄給staff at miraheze.org。更多資訊請見 匯入


像上面一樣,在維基百科使用Special:Export來取得模板的XML檔,然後用自己維基上的Special:Import頁面來安裝它。匯出前請確認有勾選"Include templates(包含模板)" 的選項。






如果你之前已有發佈網站通知,除了編輯MediaWiki:Sitenotice外也需要編輯MediaWiki:Sitenotice_id頁-你可以一直增加編號(1、2、3)。讓 MediaWiki 取消前項通知後,還會記得你變更了新通知。



你的維基有個 Special:ManageWiki的頁面,讓你可以掌控你的維基。你在這個頁面可以:

  • 更換維基使用的語言(這會影響 MediaWiki 內置訊息的顯示語言)。但不管你把維基設定成什麼語言,所有編輯者還是能自由輸入其他語言。
  • 把維基標記成「private(私人)」或再度公開。
  • 把維基標記成「closed(關閉)」(不活躍)或重新啟動它。
  • 所有功能提示請見 ManageWiki 幫助頁面

如果想作表內沒記載的複雜變更,你需要向 Miraheze 提出申請。我們會努力讓用戶都能自行更動維基的設定。

為什麼我會在其他維基的 Special:ListUsers 頁面上?


為什麼我的維基會有 Wikimedia Commons files?

All Miraheze wikis begin with Instant Commons enabled, which gives wikis outside the Wikimedia Foundation access to media in Wikimedia Commons. When you use Special:Upload to add a photo to your wiki, the response suggests that the photo is already uploaded! This simply means there is a photo in Wikimedia Commons by the same name. You can use that photo immediately. Or, if you prefer your own photo, you can complete the upload. That name, on your wiki, will now refer to your photo.

If you would like to disable InstantCommons, go to "Special:ManageWiki/settings", then click on the "media" section, then unselect "Enable Wikimedia Commons Files" and then click the "submit" button under the "submit" section.

What is going on with my Main Page?

The main page of every wiki on Miraheze is subject to the following special conditions:

  • It can be read by everyone even if the wiki is private (see below)
  • Users on mobile devices cannot tap section headers to get the section to expand. This means that mobile users can only see the section headers on the main page.

One way around both special conditions is to have your Main Page redirect to another location (see below). Alternatively, one may simply remove section headers from their Main Page entirely. However, for users who wish to still use the main page and have section headers, there is a way to do this by using HTML divisions. Please refer to this guide for more details.



只有該私人維基的成員才能閱讀及編輯私人維基。你可以到維基的 用戶權限,輸入 Miraheze用戶的用戶名,讓用戶成為你維基團體的member


主頁因為規定必須公開。但你可以藉著把主頁內容放在其他頁面(做一個「Real Main Page(真正的主頁)」),然後把主頁重定向至 #REDIRECT [[Real Main Page]] ,這樣就能隱藏主頁。



Phabricator 為維基擁有者能向 Miraheze 系統管理員申請技術協助的系統。使用 Phabricator 的話,你就不用特地向特定某位系統管理員尋求協助(有些人很可能在度假或離開了)。Phabricator 會記得所有請求,所有貢獻者都會想辦法滿足申請者的請求。這樣可以減少你的請求被弄不見或忽視的機率。

Phabricator 為 MediaWiki(能改變你的維基頁面呈現的方式)的獨立程式,但是是由 Miraheze 管理。

你必須先登錄 Phabricator 才能使用,但如果你已經登入 Mirahezed 的話,按下有 MediaWiki logo 的按鈕就會自動登錄。



你的新維基一樣也有安裝 MediaWiki。有很多人在 MediaWiki寫了「擴充功能」,但大部份的功能在維基的預設狀態都沒有啟用。某些能啟用擴充功能很受歡迎:

  • .MP3格式上傳音樂檔
  • Writing alternative renderings, to be chosen at random
  • 對 MediaWiki 的後設語言增加額外功能
  • 把維基上的某些頁面集合成列表,列表還能置入頁面
  • 幫助連結其他網站的媒體,像 Google 地圖

擴充功能頁面記載了預先安裝在維基的功能、你可以申請啟用的功能,和我們基於隱私或其他問題而沒有安裝的功能。你可以在 申請功能提出申請,你如果能明確提出想加入維基的擴充功能,它能夠幫助你。

我要怎麼換 logo 跟圖標?

如果你不喜歡黃色和黃褐色的 Miraheze logo,且有自製作品的話,你可以把它安裝為出現在每一頁的 favicon 。請見ManageWiki 幫助頁面 查看更多資訊。




所有 Miraheze 的維基皆使用 Tech:Bacula來備份,但如果你是管理員,你可以在維基使用Special:DataDump 來立即取得 XML檔。圖片檔備份請聯絡系統管理員。



要讓維基在一段特定的時間內對所有人顯示唯讀(包含你自己)的話,你可以在 ManageWiki 啟用「ProtectSite(保護網站)」的擴充功能。

要讓網站對特定用戶/用戶組唯讀的話,你可以利用 ManageWiki 的用戶權限功能。


行政員為維基中擁有最高權限的人。通常需要向 Miraheze 服務人員 提出移除行政員的申請。你必須有讓人信服的理由(像行政員濫用權利,或維基對這個處理需要有共識),而不是叫服務人員在兩方的衝突中選一邊站。


May I have Oversight or CheckUser rights?

Stewards have the authority to delegate these rights to other users, but generally speaking the Steward body feels that it can handle all of these requests in a timely manner.

  • Oversight allows edits to be hidden further from the permanent historical record. It is sometimes necessary when the mere disclosure of information violates someone's rights, and it will not suffice to undo the edit but leave it in the history. For example, if the name of a page discloses personal information or is libelous, it will not suffice to just delete the page. This is similar to the Revision Deletion function available to local administrators but with Oversight it can only been seen by a very limited group of Stewards and Staff.
  • CheckUser discloses the IP address and other device information from which a user is reaching Miraheze wikis. It can sometimes provide evidence that several users vandalizing a wiki are in fact a single person or potentially connected.
  • If you require Oversight of an edit, you should where possible use IRC or Discord and type @stewards to get the attention of a steward. Please do not post any information public. If a steward does not respond, you may email stewards[at]Miraheze[dot]org.
  • Where CheckUser assistance is needed, you may request help on the Stewards' Noticeboard in most cases. If you are not comfortable requesting help publicly or you believe private information is involved which you should reveal, please contact the stewards via the above methods.

I just enabled an extension or changed a setting but I don't think it is working, what should I do?

Some extensions like Flow and Visual Editor can take up to 15 mins to start working as we need to wait for Parsoid to start working. If it is still not working after 15 mins then please try turning the extension off and on again or re-saving the configuration change and wait a further 10 mins. If you are still having issue then please ask for help on Phabricator and we will try to get it working as soon as possible.

Closed wikis



A wiki is also closed by stewards after a period of inactivity, as specified by the Dormancy Policy. Read the actual policy document rather than relying on this summary. The Dormancy Policy went into effect on 5 January 2016 and applies to all wikis.

If you have perused a closed wiki and believe you could take it further, please go to Requests for adoption.


Exporting pages from a wiki, such as to a mirror site or to a host other than Miraheze, is the reverse of importing pages from another wiki onto your Miraheze wiki.

If your wiki consists of a small number of pages, Special:AllPages lists them. You can copy this list and paste it into the Special:Export page to produce a content dump in XML format.

If your wiki is larger, Miraheze can provide assistance. You should request this assistance by opening a ticket on Phabricator.

If the target host does not use the MediaWiki software, the pages may require conversion into the format that the target host uses. Miraheze cannot help you with that.


Where can I find your configuration?

We have a GitHub organization where we store our Puppet configuration, extensions, MediaWiki install and other code.

The config for wikis can be found in the mw-config repo.

Why can't I access the site using HTTP?

In the original HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), pieces of a request to, or a response from, a web server flowed over the wire or wireless network in plain text that it was easy for anyone to read. HTTPS is a protocol that scrambles each packet to make it harder to intercept. Wikipedia and its sister projects switched to HTTPS in 2015. We too support only HTTPS, to keep private information secure and to protect users against downgrade attacks. In addition, we require that Miraheze wikis with custom domain names have a valid SSL certificate.

There are proxy websites that give you access to HTTPS websites using HTTP, but we do not recommend or support their use.

I've got an issue with a user or wiki

If you've unfortunately had issues with users or wikis then there are steps you can take to settle the dispute. Please try and remain civil and calm at all times.

If it's a user

  1. Talk to them
  2. Raise it with an admin. On this wiki (meta.miraheze.org) only, you can use Meta:Administrators' Noticeboard.
  3. If there is no resolution, you should then read the Code of Conduct. If it's a CoC issue, then email conduct[at]Miraheze[dot]org.

If it's a wiki

  1. Raise the issue with local wiki staff first
  2. If there are still issues then you should ask a Steward for help either on their Noticeboard or via stewards[at]Miraheze[dot]org for enforcement under the Content Policy or other Global Policy.