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    This is a list of most extensions installed on Miraheze, sorted by three categories: global extensions that are enabled on every wiki that cannot be disabled (and a brief reason why), default extensions that are enabled on new wikis by default but can be disabled, and extensions that are not enabled by default but can be enabled on individual wikis. This page also includes some of those extensions which have been requested but cannot be installed, and a brief reason as to why.

    Installerade tillägg

    Globala tillägg

    Vissa tillägg finns tillgängliga på alla Miraheze-wikier and kan inte avaktiveras på lokala wikier. De tilläggen listas nedan, med en kort beskrivning av varför de är globala.

    • AbuseFilterImportant anti-spam and anti-vandalism extension; allows administrators to prevent edits meeting certain regular expressions
    • AntiSpoofPrevents impersonation user accounts from being created
    • BetaFeaturesBeta Features are installed globally but can be turned off in one's individual user preferences
    • CentralAuthDefines the global user account system, without it user accounts would break
    • CentralNoticeUsed for distribution of important notices about Miraheze, such as planned downtime
    • CheckUserImportant anti-vandalism extension that allows Miraheze Stewards to find and block the underlying IP ranges of vandalism accounts
    • CreateWikiThis is how new wikis are created (perhaps the most important extension!). Installed globally but only used on Meta. The extension is enabled globally due to technical reasons as ManageWiki requires this extension and wikis will break if it is not enabled.
    • CookieWarningRequired for legal/privacy reasons
    • ConfirmEditImportant anti-spam tool, generates a CAPTCHA to prevent unauthorized automated actions
    • DataDumpEnables backups to be taken from wikis
    • DiscordNotificationsIs used to log edits to #wiki-feed on discord
    • DismissableSiteNoticeMakes sitenotices dismissable
    • EchoThis extension implements the user notification system
    • EventLoggingRequired dependency for CentralNotice
    • EventStreamConfig – Required dependency for EventLogging
    • GlobalBlockingImportant anti-spam and anti-vandalism extension, allows Miraheze Stewards and Global Sysops to block IP addresses that vandalize multiple wikis
    • GlobalCssJSPart of the global account system, allows users to have custom interface styling applied to all wikis
    • GlobalNewFiles
    • GlobalPreferencesPart of the global account system, allows users to have default preferences (settings) on all wikis
    • IncidentReportingUsed internally by Miraheze system administrators for reporting incidents such as downtime. Installed globally but only has a function on Meta
    • InterwikiUsed to provide direct links from one Miraheze Wiki to another, and to other MediaWiki sites (such as these links to MediaWiki.org)
    • LocalisationUpdateEssential/core part of MediaWiki interface
    • LoginNotifyImportant security feature, notifies users about suspicious attempts to login to their accounts
    • ManageWikiThe extension used for managing wiki settings, including extensions. Turning this off would remove the ability to enable/disable other extensions
    • MatomoAnalyticsInternal Miraheze extension
    • MobileDetectAdds <nomobile> and <mobileonly> tags
    • NukeImportant anti-vandalism extension, allows site administrators to mass delete multiple pages at once
    • OATHAuthImportant security feature, used for implementing 2-factor authentication
    • OAuthInternal Miraheze extension, used for linking wiki accounts with accounts for Miraheze Phabricator
    • ParserFunctionsEssential/core part of MediaWiki interface
    • RemovePIIEnables removing private information
    • RenameUserImplements the ability for Miraheze Stewards to rename user accounts on request (otherwise this would be impossible)
    • RottenLinksInternal Miraheze extension that checks for dead or broken external links on wiki pages
    • ScribuntoEssential/core part of MediaWiki interface
    • SecureLinkFixerMake sure all wikis using HTTPS
    • SpamBlacklistImportant anti-spam feature, allows administrators to blacklist spam websites from being mentioned
    • TitleBlacklistImportant anti-vandalism extension, allows administrators to prevent pages with certain titles and certain usernames from being created
    • TorBlockImportant anti-vandalism and anti-spam extension, prevents vandals from using Tor to rapidly change IP addresses
    • UserMergeAllows Miraheze Stewards to merge contributions of one user account into another. Not used frequently but is used for various maintenance purposes
    • WikiDiscoverInternal Miraheze extension that shows all Miraheze wikis with some general information about them
    • WikiEditorEssential/core part of MediaWiki interface
    • CLDRProvides localised language names based on CLDR data

    Förinställda tillägg

    These extensions are enabled by default on all new wikis but can be disabled in Special:ManageWiki/extensions:

    • CategoryTreePopular extension used by multiple wikis
    • Cite & CiteThisPageImportant and popular extension used for generating citations for wiki pages
    • DarkModeEnables a dark user interface. Used for accessibility reasons and for personal preferences
    • GlobalUserPageAllows users to display the content from their userpage on Miraheze Login Wiki on all wikis if they have not created a local userpage
    • MobileFrontendImportant MediaWiki feature for wikis that wish to support editing from mobile devices (which is the vast majority of wikis)
    • PurgeAdds in a purge button instead of needing to edit the URL to have "?action=purge"
    • SyntaxHighlightHighlights syntax
    • UrlShortenerAdds the Get shortened URL to the sidebar
    • WikiSEOImproves search results to the wiki

    Andra tillägg

    These extensions are installed on Miraheze and can be enabled in Special:ManageWiki/extensions on any wiki but are not enabled by default:


    Nekade tillägg

    Many extensions have been requested but are not able to be installed for various reasons. The most common reasons are that the extension introduces security and/or privacy risks that cannot be mitigated, that the extension is not being actively maintained upstream, or that the extension conflicts with a global extension that cannot be removed. The following is a list of declined extensions, and a brief reason why they are declined.

    • AccessControlDoesn't work on MediaWiki 1.29+, and also has privacy issues
    • BlockBatchNot actively maintained, see T7303
    • BlueSpice – Säkerhetsrisk
    • ConfigureNo longer maintained upstream (hasn't worked since MediaWiki 1.18), and ManageWiki essentially does the same thing
    • ConfirmAccountincompatible with CentralAuth - since user accounts exist globally it is not possible to have individual wikis require accounts be approved
    • DeleteBatchTechnical limitations, see T956
    • DisableAccountDeclined due to privacy reasons
    • DNSlookupInvades user privacy
    • DraftsNot actively maintained; no known alternative
    • EditAccountIncompatible with CentralAuth - since user accounts are global, editing a user's information on one wiki would affect all wikis. Also allowing other users to change email addresses and passwords is a major privacy and security risk
    • EditUserSame reasons at EditAccount
    • EmbedAnything – Säkerhetsrisk
    • ExternalLinks – Säkerhetsrisk, se T1555
    • GlobaluserrightsIncompatible with CentralAuth
    • Html2Wiki - Oläsbar kod, se T2740
    • Html5mediatorDeclined due to security issues (arbitrary JS insertion), T1640.
    • MarkdownNot actively maintained upstream
    • MiniInvite – Säkerhetsrisk
    • MultiUploadNot maintained upstream. You can use MsUpload, which provides similar functionality.
    • OpenID Connect – Säkerhetsrisk
    • PageViewInfoIncompatible with Miraheze, specific for Wikimedia
    • Replace Text – Incompatible with database compression
    • PluggableAuth – Säkerhetsrisk
    • SecurePollReveals private information
    • Site settingsManageWiki does the same thing (actually even more), and up until recently had a major security flaw
    • SpecialNamespacesManageWikiNamespaces does the same thing.
    • Tasks ExtensionFlagged as unstable, indicating one or more parts, or even the entire extension, is broken
    • UserGroupsManageWikiPermissions gör samma sak.
    • WidgetsSecurity risk, see 2020-12-23 Security Disclosure
    • WikiBanner – Vi tillåter inte reklam
    • som inte har beroende på mediawiki.org - tillägg som Special:WithoutImages, MediaWiki:ImportJS och Special:AdminDashboard är för specifika för Fandom. Använd liknande tillägg istället.


    • Requesting new extensions: If you would like to request a new extension, please create a task on Phabricator. Please be aware that any extensions which are not in use by one or more Wikimedia Foundation projects will require a security review before being installed. The purpose of this review is to check the code to make sure there are no vulnerabilities that would expose either Miraheze as a whole and/or individual users of the extension to security and/or privacy risks.
    • Restricted extensions: Some extensions in the list of globally enabled extensions are restricted and cannot be used by individual wikis and users, and can be used exclusively by members of either Miraheze Stewards and/or System administrators. This is usually for either or both of the following reasons: the extension reveals private information that under most circumstances should not be accessed, but may need to be accessed in order to stop spam and vandalism; and/or the extension has effects on the overall operation of Miraheze and therefore use of the extension outside of Meta Wiki would break things.
    • Note about MultiUpload: This extension is no longer being actively maintained upstream and therefore is unsuitable for Miraheze. However, users who are familiar with another wiki hosting service, ShoutWiki, may be aware that the extension in use there. The extension is only being maintained as a local copy by ShoutWiki developers for their specific service, and even these developers have indicated that they will not continue to maintain it if it ultimately breaks down. Therefore, please use MsUpload instead, which provides similar functionality.