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You can see what extensions have been enabled at the page Special:Version on your wiki.

The list of already installed extensions on Miraheze (this does not mean that you can't request new ones!):

Note: The list below can be outdated. Only the GitHub link provided above is an accurate representation of what extensions are currently installed at Miraheze.

Extensions FAQ

Extensions enabled by default

Extension available via Special:ManageWiki

Last Updated On 2018-08-3

Declined extensions (<1.31)

Those extensions which are not available and a brief reason.


  • Some extensions enabled by default cannot be managed/used by individual local communities at this time. These include CheckUser, RenameUser and GlobalBlocking (which are currently limited to global Stewards) and some extensions only have a function on Meta such as CreateWiki.
  • Extensions not used by Miraheze or Wikimedia Foundation (a organization we trust to do rigorous security review) must pass security review by our volunteers. It may take long time to process.

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