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Una wiki latent' és una wiki on no hi ha activitat [1] s'ha mostrat durant un període de "60 dieso més. Els wikis inactius es consideren inactius i, com que encara fan servir recursos del servidor (com ara espai en disc per a la base de dades wiki), els hem de tancar (o suprimir). Després de 45 dies, es pot posar un avís al lloc a la wiki per recordar als usuaris que han d’estar més actius. Després de col·locar aquest bàner durant 15 dies com a mínim (mínim 60 dies d'inactivitat total), la wiki es tancarà / bloquejarà automàticament (de manera que només serà de lectura). Els buròcrates de la wiki rebran una notificació a la seva pàgina de discussió (a la wiki afectada) i per correu electrònic (si l’usuari estableix una adreça de correu electrònic confirmada a Especial: Preferències) i l’adopció (vegeu #Adoption) es permetrà dues setmanes després del tancament. Si cap usuari no ha sol·licitat l'adopció d'una wiki almenys 120 dies després del tancament d'una wiki (mínim 180 dies / 6 mesos d'inactivitat) i encara roman inactiva, es marcarà com a suprimida. Al cap de dues setmanes, es podrà suprimir definitivament.

The time before going to the next step (usage -> inactive -> dormant -> closed/locked -> deleted) should increase if notices are not placed appropriately. Users will have a minimum time after each notice to fix the problem if they wish. Here is a table for reference:

Stage Minimum time since last notice Minimum total time Minimum time if 0 contributions
Wiki Created N/A N/A N/A
Inactive Warning 45 45 30
Closure 15 60 N/A
Eligible for deletion 120 180 60
Deleted (when required) 14 194 60

Wikis sense aportacions

Els wikis que literalment tenen 0 contribucions (pàgina principal per defecte, sense modificacions, sense canvis de drets d'usuari, res) poden ser elegibles per a ELIMINACIÓ tan sols 60 dies després de la creació de la wiki. Això es deu al fet que és probable que aquests usuaris s’oblidessin de la seva wiki o de Miraheze tots junts, i que la wiki no serveixi de res. 30 dies després de la creació d'una wiki, si hi ha 0 contribucions d'alguns usuaris, MediaWiki:Sitenotice en aquesta wiki s'actualitzarà per proporcionar informació sobre aquesta política. Després de 30 dies més, si les modificacions a MediaWiki:Sitenotice són les úniques contribucions (el que significa que encara no hi ha contribucions), la wiki pot ser elegible per suprimir-la.

Exempcions de la política de dormència

If you think you have a valid reason why the wiki should not be closed or deleted, whatsoever happens, then please contact a steward so we can make a note your wiki should not be closed/deleted.

Reasons to prevent closing of a wiki include but are not limited to:

  • Wikis made to be read, where a lot of information is already on wiki and doesn't need to be actively edited.
  • Wikis made for time-based gatherings, i.e. wikis used to plan bi-yearly or yearly events.
  • Other exceptions

Note that to be eligible for this exemption,

  • You must have local rights on the wiki.
  • You must have been involved significantly in the current state of the wiki.
  • You must meet at least one of the reasons above.
  • And you must show some sign of activity globally
    • This can include a message to a global staffer on meta, a note on Stewards' noticeboard, or local contributions to the wiki in question

Wikis requesting an exemption from the policy will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Wikis granted an exemption will be listed, on Dormancy Policy/Exceptions. Wikis may also be granted varying degrees of exemption - i.e. different time periods for allowed inactivity, different requirements to meet activity guidelines, or complete exemption from the rule.

Exceptions to the Dormancy Policy

Similar to the exemptions above, there are several wikis that are considered exceptions to this policy. The Dormancy Policy never has and never will apply to Meta Wiki (this central project wiki), loginwiki (which is required for technical reasons), commonswiki (central image repository), cvtwiki, conductwiki, or staff wiki (which are all used for internal coordination).


Immediately after a wiki has been automatically closed (minimum 60 days inactivity) it will be eligible to be reopened at the request of any good-faith user. The user must meet certain activity guidelines (on any wiki), have read-rights on the wiki (if the wiki is private) and provide a reason for requesting to reopen the wiki. While there is no minimum amount of wikis that one can request to reopen, a Steward may decline to reopen a wiki if the user has requested opening a large amount of wikis in a short period of time.

When a request to reopen is approved, no rights are automatically granted to the user who requested the reopening, these are instead granted on a case-by-case basis following a local election.


If no user has requested the reopening of a wiki at least 120 days after the closing of a wiki (minimum 180 days/6 months inactivity) and it still remains inactive, it will be marked as deleted. This will make the wiki inaccessible to everyone (not just readonly). After a wiki is marked as deleted, there will be a period of 14 days where users can request that the wiki be re-enabled. After 14 days, the wiki becomes eligible for deletion, where all data relevant to the wiki will be permanently removed. After a wiki is deleted from our servers, it will not be recoverable. Any efforts to continue that wiki must start over or have a backup (if one exists) imported.

Note that wikis don't have to be deleted as soon as they hit the 6-month mark. All wikis eligible for deletion will be deleted at the discretion of the system administrators.


  1. Una regla general és que tot el que es pot veure a Special: RecentChanges es compta com a activitat.