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Miraheze is supported by generous contributors like you!

Miraheze is mainly funded through user donations. Donations help keep Miraheze free for everyone — your contribution today helps us maintain and scale our server infrastructure to meet needs as more projects join the Miraheze community.

Donations can be made via:

Your contributions help immensely and are deeply appreciated by both members of the volunteer team and the community as a whole.


What are donations used for?

Miraheze is a non-profit organization. We don't have paid staff or contractors. All donations go directly to pay for technical infrastructure costs.

Are donations tax deductible?

Donations made in the United States are tax deductible. Miraheze is operated by the WikiTide Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity.

Who is WikiTide?

WikiTide Foundation is the 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity that operates Miraheze.

Does Miraheze have a list of expenditures/donations received?

Yes, a record of previous donations and costs is available here.

Is there a preferred donation method?

If possible, we ask you to use GitHub Sponsors as they do not charge any fees so 100% of your donation comes to us directly. If you can't however, don't worry, we gladly appreciate your generosity!

Is Miraheze an incorporated entity?

Yes. Miraheze is a registered non-profit public charity, incorporated in the state of Idaho in the United States of America. Miraheze is operated by WikiTide Foundation. See Board of Directors for a list of Directors.

I'm not able to contribute financially. Are there other ways I can help?

Absolutely! All work that goes into the operation of Miraheze is performed entirely by volunteers who provide their time at no cost to the community.

We're always looking for more folks interested in building the future of WikiTide alongside us, that next volunteer could be you!