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Discord (official website) est une méthode de chat en temps réel, le personnel de Miraheze (administrateurs système et stewards) propose le serveur Discord comme service supplémentaire à l'IRC.


Le serveur Miraheze de Discord se trouve ici. Votre identifiant Discord doit être vérifié par e-mail pour vous inscrire.


Chat logging is handled on Discord itself, so there is no external logging service.


  • robyul.
  • Miraheze-IRC (Maintained and ran by the MirahezeBots team. Relays messages to and from Discord/IRC in #miraheze-relay, #miraheze-sre-relay, #miraheze-offtopic-relay, and #cvt)
  • WikiAuthBot (Maintained and ran by IVORK (enwiki page). Authenticates Discord members to their Miraheze accounts by OAuth)
  • Wiki-Bot (Maintained and ran by MarkusRost) Alongside several other functions, allows linking wiki pages with MediaWiki-like syntax

Rules and Ops

A copy of the Discord server rules is available at Discord/Rules.

Users with the “Stewards”, “Directors (Board Members)” and “Site Reliability Engineering” roles are able to do most of the administrative works. (Kick, ban through Robyul, chat moderation, etc...). Other personnel with advanced permissions on wiki may also have certain moderation abilities.

It is further documented on Discord/Ops.


See also: Discord/Verification

To verify your Discord account, type .auth when you join and follow the instructions that are sent to you via a direct message.


There is a #wiki-feed channel that displays every change on Miraheze public wikis. However, if you would like a feed channel for your wiki only on your server, you may set a webhook to send notifications to through Special:ManageWiki/settings (notifications tab). This webhook is only visible to users with the managewiki user right.

Categories & Channels

General (Discord)

  • #general - general discussion related to Miraheze and MediaWiki
  • #server-invites - invite links to Miraheze-hosted wikis' Discord servers
  • #interwiki-requests - channel for requesting changes to wikis' interwiki table

General (IRC Relayed)

  • #miraheze-relay - general discussion related to Miraheze and MediaWiki (messages sent here are relayed to and from IRC)
  • #miraheze-sre-relay - channel for technical discussions and contacting Miraheze Site Reliability Engineers (messages sent here are relayed to and from IRC)
  • #miraheze-offtopic-relay - channel for off-topic discussions (messages sent here are relayed to and from IRC)

Mod Audit

  • #mod-log - public moderation log


  • #wiki-feed - live feed of changes to wikis
  • #auth-logs - wiki account authentication log
  • #bot-commands-spam - channel for using bot commands


  • #cvt - a public channel to inform CVT members of any vandalism or spam on a wiki (messages sent here are relayed to and from IRC)
  • #cvt-feed - a feed channel for CVT monitoring bots

(messages sent here are relayed from IRC)