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Discord is ultimately managed by Site Reliability Engineering and other staff (sysadmins and stewards). Site Reliability Engineering have full administrator access, and other staff roles have moderating roles as needed.

TL;DR[edit | edit source]

  • Have full administrator access: Site Reliability Engineer, Robyul Manager
  • Have access to moderation tools: System Administrators, Stewards, Directors (Board Members)
  • Grant roles: Site Reliability Engineers, Stewards (should only grant roles to CVT)

Full admin access[edit | edit source]

Site Reliability Engineering and Robyul managers have full admin access. Robyul manager access is only granted if you have one of below roles (stewards and system administrators) and have demonstrated the need to access.

System Administrators[edit | edit source]

System Administrators can...

  • kick someone
  • ban someone using robyul
  • manage nicknames
  • manage messages on a channel they have access
  • manage voice channels

Stewards[edit | edit source]

Stewards have all access system administrators have, and also have "manage roles" flag. They primarily have it to grant roles to new CVT members.

List of Discord ops[edit | edit source]