Deceased Mirahezians

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In memory of deceased Mirahezians
Miraheze thanks you for your contributions and the impact you all have left on our communities, forever.

Welcome to a memorial for deceased Mirahezians where we list and remember Mirahezians who have passed away.

When adding a new user, please see and follow the information described in the following section.

Click "Expand" to read guidelines on adding people

IMPORTANT (Stewards/Global Sysops): Please lock the account of the deceased user once their passing has been confirmed.

When adding a new person to this list, please make sure you are basing yourself off of a reliable source and are ready to prove that that the user in question has passed away.

Please add only users who have contributed significantly to a public Miraheze wiki. These users must be in good-standing globally (e.g. not locked).

If the user's public identity has not been revealed, we ask that you please keep it confidential unless the user or family's wish is to disclose this information.