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Miraheze kan skapa wikier tillgängliga på anpassade domäner (som på begäran. Det enda som behövs är att du följer följande steg, och har ett SSL-certifikat för din wiki (inget SSL-certifikat → ingen anpassad domän). Du kan antingen använda ditt eget SSL-certifikat (se nedan) eller så kan vi skapa ett åt dig med Let's Encrypt, vilket är en process vi kan hantera utan att du behöver göra något annat än att peka ut din servers domän (det blir enklare då).

  • Du kan använda en anpassad domän genom att ställa in ett CNAME-namn för domänen eller underdomänen som du har tänkt använda på din wiki:
  1. Lägg till ett CNAME i underdomänen du vill använda (t.ex. "wiki"), och peka den till "";

If you are using Cloudflare for DNS server, please visit Cloudflare page to see how to do it.

Submit a Phabricator request using this form to request a certificate signing request (and attach your certificate)

You may wish to set the nameserver of your domain to Miraheze. Be aware that any services used with your domain will become unavailable and you will not be able to control the domain you are using.

Note: if you already host a website on this domain, it will become unreachable.

Change the name servers to "" and "" (contact your domain registrar if you don't know how to do this);

Submit a Phabricator request using this form to request a certificate signing request (and attach your certificate)

If you have chosen your own SSL certificate: A system administrator who handles your CSR request will shortly after generate a CSR & private key (for use at our own servers), and the requested CSR will be emailed to you. You use this CSR to request your SSL certificate vendor to generate an SSL certificate with the CSR we gave you. You will need to email us the generated SSL certificate when this is done. If all of these steps are done, we will add the custom domain to your wiki, and we will notify you when this all is done.

If you have chosen the option of us creating it (Let's Encrypt): There is nothing left for you to do! A system administrator will take care of all the remaining steps, including renewing them.

Need help with any of the steps or have a question? Reception123 can help you.


Note that Miraheze is configured not to serve pages from the domain root. E.g. if your wiki is, and its main page is called "Welcome", then the URL will not be, but instead (note the /wiki piece). Likewise, even if you use a custom domain, Miraheze will still serve pages with this URL structure. So if you control and you request that your Miraheze wiki use a custom domain e.g., then your "Welcome" page will have the URL

Gratis underdomäner

If you don't wish to pay for a domain of your own, there are services that offer free subdomains, which you can use instead. Note that Miraheze wikis automatically get a free subdomain of, so using a third-party service is only necessary if you prefer something different (e.g. a service that has a very short or easy to spell second-level domain).

Tillgängliga hemsidor


Miraheze accepts most SSL certificate authority that are accepted by browsers such as Mozilla Firefox. However, we do not accept WoSign certs anymore.

Current authority used by Miraheze custom domains

Below is a list of the current SSL certificate authority used by custom domains. This does not mean that others not in this list are not accepted.

  • Let's Encrypt - managed by Miraheze, all steps regarding Let's Encrypt (except setting nameservers) are done by Miraheze Sysadmins
  • Cloudflare (Obs: ytterligare begränsningar tillkommer. Klicka på länken för detaljer)
  • Comodo
  • Gandi
  • GeoTrust
  • GlobalSign
  • GoDaddy
  • RapidSSL