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Miraheze's Counter Vandalism Team is a group of volunteer users dedicated to cleaning up vandalism and preventing it when possible. Anyone may act as part of the CVT as long as they play the part, but the official team currently consists of users elected as Stewards and Global Sysops.

Stewards have global access to read private wikis, as well as access to CheckUser or oversight tools, while Global Sysops do not have access to any of these.

If you have an issue with a lock/block made by a CVT member, or you need to request one you can email cvt(at) (which is received by Global Sysops and Stewards)

If there is consensus, a wiki can request to opt out of Global Sysop intervention. Stewards should be notified at stewards' noticeboard once the local discussion has concluded, so they can assess the local consensus and effect the necessary change requested by the wiki. Opting out of Steward intervention however is not possible.

Action log

A list of CVT member's actions is located on cvtwiki. The page is on the read whitelist and visible to all users.



  • Consulta esta página para obtener una lista de los permisos globales de los administradores Stewards.
  • Consulta esta página para obtener una lista de Stewards.

=== Global Sysops ===

See this page for a list of Global Sysops' global permissions

See this page for a list of Global Sysops

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