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Como saben, Miraheze es una granja de wikis administrada por la comunidad, operada por voluntarios. ¡Todos también pueden ayudar! Si desean ayudarnos tomando diferentes roles (técnicos/no técnicos), consulten a continuación y en nuestra página de vacancias en Miraheze para conocer las formas de ayudar.

Pictogram voting info.svg Note: If you want to help us with taking on different roles (technical/non-technical), you can also check out our Miraheze Vacancies‎ page for ways to help.

Usando nuestros servicios

Una de las formas más fáciles en la que cualquier usuario puede ayudar a Miraheze es pidiendo un wiki y usarlo. Sé activo, desarrolla tu propia sub-comunidad. Trae a la gente que conoces a Miraheze. Además, siéntete libre de echar un vistazo en WikiDiscover y Directorio de wikis para encontrar los wikis que te interesen.

Don't want to create a wiki? Look for a wiki that already exists and which covers your topic! Miraheze hosts a variety of wikis, from computers to TV shows, you're sure to find a wiki that suits your needs! Check out WikiDiscover and the Gazetteer of wikis to find wikis you might be interested in.

...helping out on Meta

Another easy way of helping out is by helping out on this wiki, Miraheze Meta. On Miraheze Meta, issues pertaining to the global community are discussed. You can help out by answering any question which you may know the answer to. Most questions on Miraheze Meta are asked on the noticeboards. There are currently 3 noticeboards where users can solicit help, each one focuses on a different topic and are labeled accordingly:

  • Community noticeboard - Any question regarding wikis or Miraheze is asked on here, like help with ManageWiki, help with styling a wiki, help with a template, etc. This noticeboard also serves to help start community discussion about topics. If you know the answer to anything, don't be afraid to reply.
  • Meta Administrators' noticeboard - Any issue regarding this wiki (Meta) is discussed on here, such as soliciting help in banning an vandalism-only account, marking pages as translatable, asking for local rights, among other local things. This noticeboard is not for global actions.
  • Stewards' noticeboard - Any question or issue that might need Steward intervention (like banning vandalism-only accounts, reporting an abusive user, starting a sockpuppet investigation, or a global rename) is asked on here. Sometimes, what users ask isn't necessarily something that needs a Stewards reply, it can be as simple as asking for help to change a logo. Even though it is the Stewards' noticeboard, that doesn't mean you can't help anyone on there yourself; don't be afraid to reply and give them pointers! By doing so, you help our overworked Stewards focus better their attention to more serious issues instead of having to go through every single thread and reply to every single little request.

If you ever see a question that was asked on the wrong noticeboard (like a global lock asked in the Meta Administrators' noticeboard instead of the Stewards' noticeboard), be bold and move it to the appropriate noticeboard. Even if your edit is reverted, at least you gain experience and learn how to sort issues!


Puedes traducir las páginas en Meta haciendo clic en "Translate" arriba o traduciendo extensiones de Miraheze.

You can also translate Miraheze extensions. For more info on this, see Translating Miraheze extensions.

...helping on Discord and IRC

Not all questions are asked on Meta, many prefer to ask on Discord and IRC. Don't be afraid to stop on by and answer any question someone might have. Most IRC channels relay to Discord meaning that you can talk with people on IRC in real time. For more info on connecting to Discord and IRC, check out their respective pages.

...helping fight global vandalism

While fighting global vandalism may seem hard, especially because Miraheze hosts 5149 wikis, it actually isn't! Miraheze employs AbuseFilter which stops most vandalism dead in its tracks. This, along with other suspicious activity, is reported on the #miraheze-cvt-feed connect IRC channel. You can monitor this feed for any possible vandalism or spam and report it on #miraheze-cvt connect. Note that both channels are relayed on Discord. A Steward will review it and globally lock the user if needed. If an edit isn't stopped by AbuseFilter, you can also manually go into the wiki and revert it yourself. If you do, just make sure to include in the summary that you were reverting vandalism or else you may be erroneously labeled a vandal yourself!

Even if a vandalism-only account is stopped by AbuseFilter, you should still report it to the Stewards to prevent the account from trying to bypass the filter, succeeding and flooding a wiki. To report them, you can make a new section on the Stewards' noticeboard or you can report them on #miraheze-cvt connect.

Pictogram voting info.svg Note: Not all wikis are enrolled in the global antivandalism program, some have purposefully opted-out. These are usually larger wikis that employ lots of administrators who keep an eye out for vandalism at all times. Private wikis are also not reported on the CVT feed. For more info on this, see Counter Vandalism Team.

Creadores de wikis

Los creadores de wikis son voluntarios que aprenden un poco más acerca de las dos interfaces que permiten crear wikis: Special:RequestWikiQueue y Special:CreateWiki.

Cuantos más creadores de wikis tengamos, más rápido podremos procesar las nuevas solicitudes de wiki, lo cual creará mejores experiencias para los usuarios de nuestros servicios.

Para convertirte en creador de wikis necesitas ser de confianza en la comunidad, por favor solicita los permisos de creador de wikis aquí y los Stewards permitirán una discusión donde decidirán si aprueban o declinan la solicitud.

Para más información de los creadores de wikis, por favor mira Meta:Wiki creators y Meta:Wiki creators guide si te gustaría convertirte en uno.

...helping out on Phabricator

Phabricator is Miraheze's ticketing system. While the many tasks on there require a system administrator, some don't. A user might need help enabling an extension or might have not be able to find a setting in ManageWiki. In these cases, if you know the answer, you're more than welcome to reply to the task. In some cases, if you are certain that the issue has been resolved, you can close the task. If you're new on Phabricator, it's recommended that you wait and learn what types of tasks are closed when, to prevent you from accidentally closing a task that hasn't actually been resolved.

Even if a task involves something technical like importing a wiki dump, you can still help on the task by sorting the tags correctly for the task. For more information on tags, see Phabricator.

...helping out technically

While the previous ways to contribute were some that don't require technical expertise, the following do. If you know how to help out technically, you're more than welcome to!

...on GitHub

Miraheze hosts all of its configurations in a GitHub config repo (see this page for additional info). Whenever a change needs to be done, these configuration files are updated. When these configurations are updated in any of the repositories hosted on GitHub, the changes are automatically deployed to the servers hosting Miraheze. Historically, feature changes were done by sending a request on the Request features page or by adding a GitHub merge request. This is no longer the case, you can do most configuration changes on ManageWiki. That doesn't mean you can't help out on GitHub though, it's not rocket science!

Cualquiera que tenga una cuenta de GitHub (disponible de forma gratuita) puede proponer cambios en los archivos.

Inicio fácil

Una de las maneras más fáciles de comenzar es echar un vistazo en solicitud de funciones y luego editar el archivo LocalSettings.php en nuestro repositorio Miraheze/mw-config. Muchos de estos archivos (excepto por un poco al final) deberían ser una de las cosas más fáciles de entender. Utiliza arrays anidados para aplicar la configuración a todos los wikis de forma predeterminada, o algunos wikis según el código.

El diseño de anidamiento básico es el siguiente:

  • Definir variables de espacio de nombres (cerca del inicio, después de incluir)
  • wgConf (array más grande)
    • Nombre de la configuración (en forma de 'wgVariable' o 'wmgVariable')
      • Wikis afectados ( en la forma de 'dbname' o 'default' donde dbname es el subdominio del sitio con "wiki" agregado al final)
        • Valor de la configuración (los valores a establecer. Puede ser un número, true/false, o un array, dependiendo de la configuración.)

Algunas de las cosas más fáciles serán habilitar extensiones que ya están instaladas (consulte la sección de "wgConf" llamadas extensiones, que sigue el formato anterior donde "Configuración de nombre" será algo como 'wmgUseExtension' donde Extension es el nombre de la extensión a habilitar).

Ten en cuenta que algunas extensiones como Flow y VisualEditor requieren configuración adicional.

Instalando una nueva extensión o apariencia

Cualquier persona puede proponer cambios al repositorio Miraheze/mediawiki. Para instalar una nueva extensión o apariencia que todavía no está instalada (no activa en un wiki), por favor, mira ésta página.

Retocando los servidores

Miraheze se ejecuta exclusivamente en Debian 15 VPS alojados en RamNode y 1 VPS alojado en Backupsy (almacenamiento de copias de seguridad). Estos son en su mayoría impulsados por OpenVZ, y en casos muy raros KVM. Nuestra configuración del servidor es administrada por Puppet y trabajamos con varios tipos de tecnologías. Usamos MediaWiki con Apache, GDNSD, MariaDB, nginx y Varnish para alimentar la pila web. Si estás familiarizado con uno o más de los programas mencionados anteriormente, ¡nos encantaría conocer tu experiencia! La ayuda adicional siempre es bienvenida, e incluso las mejoras más pequeñas (errores corregidos / rendimiento, etc.) para ti, pueden ser una gran mejora para nosotros. Por favor, ponte en contacto con los Administradores del sistema si te gustaría contribuir en esta área o simplemente haz una tarea de Phabricator.