Community Wishlist for 2022/Assorted improvements for the Wiki Creation process

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Community Wishlist for 2022
You are viewing a proposal made for the Community Wishlist Survey for 2022.
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Status:  Approved

Proposed by Raidarr

Proposal summary: Increase flexibility in what users can request for wiki creation and make the process more responsive for requesters

Full proposal: I don't want to flood the wishlist with compartments of a larger thought, so these are the individual things I would request are added to the form when users request a wiki.

  1. A default skin selection to load. If people want to start with Timeless or MonoBook, why not, right from the start.
  2. Along with above, suggest a few extensions that could be of interest to have loaded (or turned off) immediately upon creation, along with a link to the ManageWiki guide for founder perusal. This may also accompany a blurb which references the new PortableInfobox builder, and if created in time a larger article offering more options for people to have the infobox formats they want. But of course, this is contingent on improvements at a Meta documentation level.
  3. Issue responsive warnings for things which would more than likely get a request declined including a too short URL, certain names/combinations that may be problematic, a description with only a few words, and perhaps a combination of slightly looser checks for <-- when paired with a lack of category and other detail selection that would indicate deliberate choice. As this would probably only be on the front end to avoid backend verification spaghetti code, this would merely be offered to give users a chance to reconsider, and be easily overridden.
  4. Perhaps integrate a link to the discord referencing a new public irc-relay channel to discuss the wiki creation process and also to allow users to say 'hey I requested a wiki' so savvy WCs from Discord or IRC can take note of them, improving response time in a variety of situations and giving a direct opportunity to ask questions before placing the request

I don't mind if pieces are considered in individual bits, in full, adjusted for feasibility and so forth. I'd like to at least see the spirit of the above exist, on top of the already ongoing proposal to improve the process from the Wiki Creator perspective.

#1 and #3 have Yes check.svg approved by SRE and we will be implementing this hopefully before next year (likely sooner). #2 may be looked at but only after the implementation of #1. #4 is out-of-scope but I hope to magnify this soon within Discord/IRC management. Thank you for your entry! Agent Isai Talk to me! 03:08, 27 April 2022 (UTC)