Community Directors/Election Commission/2019 Election/Vote

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Welcome to the community vote for the election of the 2019-2021 Community Directors Election Commission. Listed below are the 4 nominees from the community. There are a maximum of 3 seats on the commission. This page will be used for voting for a members seat. For more information on the election please visit here.

Red warning 2.png Am I Eligible?

You are eligible to vote if you registered your global account before 16:27, 10 December 2019 (UTC). You can check it by entering your username here. It must also list before the same date as well. You may only vote once per person even if you have multiple accounts.

When does this vote end

This vote ends when:

Option 1:
  • It has been more than 7 days
  • 3 Candidates have been passing for more than 48 hours and remained there continually with the other candidate not reaching a passing rate during that time.
Option 2:
  • It has been more than 28 days (7 Jan 2020 16:30)

The winners

  • The 3 candidates with the most support will be elected.
  • To be elected the candidate must:
  • Have more than 60% support.
  • Have more than 20 users voted either support or oppose for them.

Voting Eligibility