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An Election Commission is to be appointed to manage the nomination of directors to Miraheze Limited for the community.

Elections[edit | edit source]

Scope[edit | edit source]

The Commissioner will manage:

  • Communicating with the Secretary of the Board to ensure that an election can be called timely and appropriately.
  • Ensuring the election is carried out in a fair and legal manner.
  • Declaring the result of the election and advising the Secretary of the Board.
  • Ensuring all legal candidates are allowed to take place - liaising with the Secretary of the Board
  • The vote is closed in accordance with all rules.

Appointment of a commissioner[edit | edit source]

A commission(er) will be appointed when:

  • There is at least 60% support.
  • At least 20 users have voted.
  • There is to be not more than 3 commissioners appointed
  • It will not leave the commissioners team with less than 1 commissioner.
  • A commissioner's term may not last longer than 2 years but this may be extended by the community not more than 3 months before it is due to expire.

Revocation[edit | edit source]

  • At least 20 users have voted
  • There is more than 50% support for removal
  • A valid reason is provided for removal
  • All votes must include a clear, justifiable reason.