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For the elections of Community Directors, see Community Directors/Elections.


The purpose of this policy is to describe the process by which the Miraheze community formally expresses its preferences for community-selected directors under the Bylaws of the WikiTide Foundation. It updates the prior Community Directors global policy adopted by the Miraheze community in light of the Request for Comment on the reorganization of Miraheze.

Election Oversight


Elections shall be run by Stewards who will form an Elections Commission, not including those Stewards who are candidates or are openly supporting or opposing candidates. Stewards overseeing the election shall be impartial and not work toward the election or defeat of a candidate.

Stewards are responsible for:

  • Managing communication with the WikiTide Foundation to ensure that an election can be called appropriately and in a timely fashion;
  • Verifying the eligibility of candidates;
  • Ensuring the election is carried out in a fair and lawful manner; and
  • Preparing a report of election results to the Secretary.

Director of Trust and Safety

In the event that no Stewards are available to oversee the election, the Director of Trust and Safety may conduct the election, provided the DT&S is not also a candidate. In the event the DT&S is a candidate, one or more appointed members of the Board of Directors will conduct the election.


The community-selected board seat process shall be completed by May 31 of each year. The process shall be complete following the appointment of the new directors.


During the first election in 2024, up to four directors will be elected, with the two receiving the most votes appointed to two-year terms, and the following two appointed to one-year terms.

The Board is not expected to make further appointments beyond those who have been nominated and seconded and have received the minimum number of votes, and percentage of support, this policy requires. The community may elect fewer than four directors.

Each annual election thereafter, up to two candidates can be elected for two-year terms, such that four directors are elected every two elections with staggered terms. However, the community may elect fewer candidates.


Nominations will open once the Board of Directors issues a notice soliciting candidates for the Board ("solicitation notice"). A candidate shall declare their candidacy by submitting a statement on Miraheze Meta-Wiki pursuant to the provisions of this Policy and any specific instructions contained in the Board's solicitation notice. Each candidate shall be required to submit their statement no later than the date specified in the solicitation notice. A candidate's statement shall consist of a certification of their eligibility under policy and law, a nomination statement, and any disclosures that this Policy requires.

Prior to the close of nominations, each candidate shall receive one statement of support (a "second") from another eligible community member in order to be included on the ballot.



Any user who meets the following criteria is eligible to vote (or second a nomination):

  • Has been registered for at least 60 days as of the start of voting.
  • Has made at least ten edits or log actions to at least one wiki hosted by a WikiTide Foundation project.


In order to serve on the WikiTide Foundation Board of Directors, candidates must meet the requirements of the State of Idaho and of the WikiTide Foundation, as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years old by start of elected term.
  • Must not be subject to any global ban.
  • Must have an account age of at least six months from the first day of voting and made at least 60 edits or log actions globally by time of nomination.

Candidates are required to disclose any and all potential conflicts of interest pursuant to the Conflict of Interest Policy.


Voters may cast a vote to support, oppose, or abstain from casting a vote for, as many candidates as are on the ballot.

Votes shall be cast using SecurePoll. The WikiTide Foundation shall ensure SecurePoll is securely managed, so as to avoid interference in the voting process by candidates, volunteers, or the Board.

Valid votes may be cast for a period of 28 days following the commencement of the election. No later than seventy-two (72) hours after the time by which ballots must be received in order to be counted, the Stewards shall collect and count the ballots, and shall deliver a report to the Secretary containing the total number of votes cast for each eligible Candidate. A candidate shall proceed to consideration before the Board if they receive more support than oppose votes.

A candidate must receive a minimum of 10 votes of support to be considered by the Board.


The Community may call for the removal of a community-selected director at any time via Request for Comment. The Request for Comment shall state the director to be removed and the reason(s) to justify removal.

A minimum of 20 voters must participate in a Request for Removal, and each vote shall state a reason in order to be counted. No particular threshold needs to be reached, as the Board will consider the vote on the strength of the arguments, provided the Board will not consider a removal if it is opposed more than it is supported.