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This page documents a Miraheze global policy, this policy follows consensus and/or Staff guidelines. All Miraheze users should follow it, and changes made to it should be discussed on the talk page.

Reports sent to conduct at will be treated with urgency and confidentiality. When assessing behaviors of the users, the commission may consider their behaviors outside the Miraheze areas (ie. on other forums, mailing lists, etc... ) for context. The reporter's identity will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the Code of Conduct commission, unless asked otherwise.

A CoC violation should only be reported to Code of Conduct Commission by emailing conduct at, reporting elsewhere will not be acknowledged.

Procedures for handling a case[edit | edit source]

  • mail conduct at with the following information:
    • Your contact info (so we can get in touch with you if we need to follow up)
    • Names (real, nicknames, or pseudonyms) of any individuals involved. If there were other witnesses besides you, please try to include them as well.
    • When and where the incident occurred. Please be as specific as possible.
    • Your account of what occurred. If there is a publicly available record (e.g. a wiki revision or a public IRC logger) please include a link.
    • Any extra context you believe existed for the incident.
    • If you believe this incident is ongoing.
    • Any other information you believe we should have.
  • your mail will be forwarded to the code of conduct commission members.
    • reports are confidential, unless the reporter asks the commission otherwise.
  • After the commission receives the complaint, they will issue an immediate response within 72 hours from the submission, possibly with a temporary response (ie. temporary ban until they are fully investigated by the Commission, or temporary permission revoke until full decision is made.)
    • Miraheze Support Platform moderators may issue a temporary response in accordance with the Code of Conduct. After the temporary measure, they MUST send their report with their reason to the Commission.
  • Commission will review the incident, and determine what happened.
    • Commission will then reach a decision what to do. This includes...
      • Do nothing.
      • Issue a warning to the offender, privately.
      • Issue a warning to the offender, publicly.
      • An imposed vacation (i.e. asking someone to "take a week off" from wiki or IRC). They'll be asked to take this break voluntarily, but if they don't agree then a temporary ban may be imposed to enforce this break.
      • Temporary or permanent ban, from some or all of Miraheze space. (Wiki, Phabricator, IRC, etc)
  • Commission will notify the reporter about the decision, no matter what.
    • In rare cases the Commission may determine that a public statement will need to be made. If that is the case, the identities of all victims and reporters will be treated confidentially. This information will not be included in the public statement, unless those individuals instruct the Commission otherwise.

Appealing[edit | edit source]

If you do not agree to the decision of the Code of Conduct Commission, you can appeal the decision to the Miraheze Staff team. Only decision resulting actions for more than 7 days can be appealed. Appeals should be made to staff at with the title of "Appealing Code of Conduct Commission" and detailed reason of the appealing. The Staff team will follow the same procedures of Code of Conduct Commission for reviewing the case.

Terms of the members[edit | edit source]

Member of the Code of Conduct Commission serves the commission for a year. Member can resign voluntarily, or removed by a majority vote of the commission members, without counting the member in question.

Members of the Commission may not serve more than 3 consecutive times as a member.

Current and past members of the commission are listed here.

Conflict of interest[edit | edit source]

Members of the Code of Conduct commission should not take part in any discussion if doing so would place them in a conflict of interest and should recuse themselves from the matter. A conflict of interest would be:

  • Professional - the commission member and user involved are collaborating together (wiki collaboration, sysadmin collaboration, etc.)
  • Financial - Having financial ties to a person involved in a case.
  • Family and personal - Family member or close personal relationship.

If a member decides to recuse themselves for the reasons listed above, a temporary member should be appointed from the Staff team.

If a member of the Commission is also a member of the Staff team, then they are automatically recused when reviewing the Appeal cases.

Other procedures[edit | edit source]

Code of Conduct Commission may have their own procedures for the matters not described on this page.