Code of Conduct/Commission

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The Code of Conduct Commission was the final arbitration body for disputes under the Code of Conduct. It was dissolved in 2021 following this Request for Comments at the end of all the commission members terms due to the Commission being ineffective. User were able to contact the Commission if they had already contacted another group (i.e. Stewards, Global Sysops, IRC/Discord operators, etc.) and they were not happy with result. The Code of Conduct Commission's role was to arbitrate the dispute and produce a binding result that analysed and resolved the issues of the dispute.

The Commission used to be reachable via (which now redirects to Stewards instead). The Commission treated all correspondence with confidentiality.

Code of Conduct violations must be reported to Stewards via e-mail to Do not attempt to contact the Commission or it's members as it has been dissolved.


Members of the Code of Conduct Commission used to serve on the Commission for a year. There are currently no members as the Commission has been dissolved.

Past members of the commission are listed here.