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General Conduct

This section of the policy shall apply to all domains where 'Miraheze' as a group has authority. A non-exhaustive list of things this includes is the website itself, any IRC channel on in the #miraheze- namespace (including #miraheze itself), Phabricator, and Discord.

  • Be nice. We're all part of the same community, so be friendly, be welcoming, and generally be a nice person. Be someone that other people want to be around.
  • Be respectful. Disagreement is no excuse for poor manners. We work together to resolve conflict, assume good intentions and do our best to act in an empathic fashion. We don't allow frustration to turn into a personal attack. A community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive one.
  • Harassment of other users is unacceptable. Depending on the severity of your actions, you may be warned once or immediately banned/quieted depending on the medium.
  • Ask for help when unsure. Nobody is expected to be perfect in this community. Asking questions early avoids many problems later, so questions are encouraged, though they may be directed to the appropriate forum. Those who are asked should be responsive and helpful.
  • Step down considerately. If you're a staff member, or have some form of responsibility in running community resources (ie. you're operating a bot), be aware of your own constraints. We all know that life can get busy, so if you know that a new job or family situation will impact your ability to participate in the community, find a way to step down gracefully. Make sure someone can take over for you, and transfer the relevant information (contacts, passwords, etc.) for a smooth transition.

We all go on tangents sometimes, and casual off-topic discussion is fine. However for all of Miraheze's services, if you are a disruption to actual on-topic discussions you may be removed.

In addition to our Content Policy that covers our website, all forms of spam are unacceptable.

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply to services besides our website, where applicable.

Definition of Harassment

Harassment and poor manners defined in this Code of Conduct includes those set forth below, but are not limited to:

  • Personal attacks, violence, threats of violence, or deliberate intimidation.
  • Offensive, derogatory, or discriminatory comments.
  • Gratuitous or off-topic use of sexual language or imagery.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted public or private communication, following, or any form of stalking.
  • Disclosure of a person's identity or other private information without their consent. Disclosure of some identifying information is not consent to disclose other identifying information.
  • Inappropriate or unwanted publication of private communication. Publishing or reporting private communication or personally identifying information for the purposes of reporting harassment (as explained here) is acceptable.
  • Harming the discussion or community with methods such as sustained disruption, interruption, or blocking of community collaboration (i.e. trolling).
  • Discrimination (unless required by law), particularly against marginalized and otherwise underrepresented groups. Targeted outreach to such groups is allowed and encouraged.
  • Using the code of conduct system for purposes other than reporting genuine violations of the code of conduct (e.g., retaliating against a reporter or victim by filing a report claiming their response was harassment).
  • Attempting to circumvent a decision of the Commission or appeals body, e.g. unblocking someone during a period the Commission banned them.
  • Repeated failures to handle harassment appropriately despite proper warnings by Stewards/Code of Conduct Commission members

IRC Specifics

This section applies to all IRC channels in the #miraheze namespace on We understand that IRC can be a very useful tool for communicating with Miraheze Staff and Volunteers in real-time, but please keep the following in mind:

Like on our other services, spam is not allowed and off-topic discussion should only go so far.

IRC channel or namespace operators (users with the +o ChanServ flag in one or more #miraheze* channels) have discretion when it comes to IRC channel moderation.

  1. miraheze operators should specify time lengths and reasons for all bans and quiets so that litharge (previously eir on freenode) will manage our ban list

Phabricator Specifics

Phabricator is our open source issue tracking software (among other things), and we know it can be hard to make sense of all the things going on there.

As always, please be respectful of everyone using Phabricator.

Please try to be understanding when we can't quickly get to certain tasks or have to decline them for one reason or another.

Spam, or any other inappropriate behavior violating this Code of Conduct on Phabricator, may result in your account being disabled by a Phabricator Administrator.


The Miraheze Support platforms (IRC, Phabricator, any other medium defined by the commission) are not free speech venues; they are for discussion about Miraheze. Each of these spaces have their own moderators.

Moderators are held to a higher standard than other community members. If a moderator creates an inappropriate situation, they should expect less leeway than others, and should expect to be removed from their position if they cannot adhere to the CoC.

Complaints about moderator actions must be handled using the reporting process below.


If you encounter someone violating the Code of Conduct, you should contact the appropiate moderation or management team for that particular area.


Part of this policy has been adapted from Golang Code of Conduct, Django Code of Conduct - Reporting Guide, Wikimedia Code of Conduct Technical Committee, Wikimedia Technical spaces Code of Conduct, Ubuntu Code of Conduct v2.0 and Google Developer Community Guidelines, and all are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-sharealike 3.0 Unported.