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Closed wikis

關閉的維基(closed wiki)是指被關閉的維基們,他們可能是因為以下原因被關閉

  • 自動關閉。當維基連續60天沒有任何活動,會被程式自動關閉[1]
  • 基於各種理由,被擁有管理該維基的人關閉。
  • 管理員Miraheze 員工手動關閉。如果維基違反了任何全域政策,像是 內容政策行為準則……等,就有可能被管理員或Miraheze 員工關閉。

Presently, Miraheze hosts 7435 wikis and periodically closes inactive ones. Because Miraheze runs mainly on the donations, it has to close inoperative wikis or those forgotten by its users to save the resources used to host such wikis.

Closure due to inactivity

All wikis hosted on Miraheze are subject to global policies such as Dormancy policy which states that after the wiki falls inactive for 120 days, it will be closed and put up for adoption, see adoption of closed wikis below. An inactivity notice is shown on the wiki after it has been inactive for 60 days and sixty days later, if no activity is seen, it is closed.





Any user, in good faith, can request the adoption of a closed wiki. A request must be made at Requests for reopening page where stewards handle adoption requests. The request will be put on hold for a week, a steward will evaluate the request after that and, if the wiki is eligible, it is reopened. To obtain bureaucrat and administrator rights, you need to make a local election that lasts at least one (1) week, if performed successfully, you will obtain the rights of bureaucrat and administrator on the wiki. If more than one user requests adoption of the same wiki, stewards may either ask the opinions of other stewards and global Miraheze functionaries to evaluate the request, or they may open the wiki to user contribution and then decide the request outcome based on those contributions.

Stages of a closed wiki

停止活動的時間 Notes 認養 Deletion
第45天 維基上會出現警告訊息 維基還處於啟用中的狀態,所以尚未開放「認養」。 Wiki is open at this stage.
第60天 維基會自動關閉 Adoption isn't available. Too new to be deleted unless there was zero activity in this time.
第74天 維基開始開放「認養」。 Deletion is only done if no one requests adoption until inactive day 396.
第180天 維基開始標註為「刪除中」。
第194天 The wiki becomes eligible for deletion. The adoption phase ends. Any System administrator may delete the wiki at their discretion.[2]



  1. 包含在 60 天以上(含)的時間中,維基沒有任何的編輯或日誌操作。這類的維基也被稱為休眠維基(dormant wikis)。
  2. However the wikis which were never used (i.e., have no activity on Special:RecentChanges, excluding user renaming and user merge notices) are eligible for deletion only after 30 days of inactivity.