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Изменение имени пользователя
Changing usernames is possible on Miraheze. Users may request they be renamed across all Miraheze wikis.
Request a username change

Changing username (also known as user account renames) is possible on Miraheze and may be requested by any user. Stewards have the ability to rename users if requested. Username changes are effective globally and changing your username changes it across all Miraheze wikis. It is not possible to only request a username change on one wiki only.

Changing username allows you to keep all your edits and settings on one account unlike if you made a new account where old edits wouldn't be attributed to the new account. Stewards hold ultimate discretion over username changes.

Things to keep in mind[edit | edit source]

Before submitting a username change request
  • Username changes should usually be requested no more than once every 12 months.
    • This is not a hard rule, and mainly applies to arbitrary renames ("I don't like it"). Requests with stronger reasons sooner will be considered.
  • You should pick a username which you won't want to change any time soon.
  • Requested usernames cannot violate the Username Policy (have offensive words, etc.). If they do, the request will be declined.
  • Consider if the rename is meant to stick, or if you want to rebrand regularly. If you just want to restyle your name or appearance every so often, consider personifying your signature, user page and profile and treat your account name as just the technical name.
After submitting a username change request
  • Requests can take a few days to a week to process. Please be patient.
During your rename
  • It may take from a few minutes up to a few hours to rename your account across all wikis, longer if you have visited many wikis while logged in..
  • While your rename is being processed, you will temporarily be unable to log in to your account.
  • All login sessions will be reset.

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