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For information on the Meta-Wiki bots and the procedure to flag these see Meta:Bots.

Bots are users on wikis that are run by computer scripts rather than by humans. The program that runs the bot is run from a computer controlled by the bot account owner. The bot account is created as a normal user and then added to the bot user group at Special:UserRights.

Security[edit | edit source]

Bots can bypass systems in place to prevent certain types of malicious editing, thus making edits and other tasks by bots easier to perform. The specific actions a bot can perform can be limited with BotPasswords or OAuth, as well a restricting the bot to only run from a specified range of IP addresses.

BotPasswords[edit | edit source]

If your script doesn't support OAuth use BotPasswords.

OAuth[edit | edit source]

If your script supports it OAuth is more secure than BotPasswords and should be the first choice.

At Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration follow the Request a token for a new OAuth 2.0 client. link and fill in the required details.

Application name is the login name of your bot, the remaining options are fairly self-explanatory.

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