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Miraheze is operated by the WikiTide Foundation. As such, there are official Foundation policies which are global policies that cannot be directly modified by the community, only by the Foundation's Board of Directors. All are required to abide by Foundation policies, although some Foundation policies are internal procedures not directly relevant to most people.

Current policies[edit | edit source]

  • Terms of Use – Policy defining terms which all users must agree to before being able to use our services.
  • CheckUser Policy – Defines permissible uses of the CheckUser tool.
  • Copyright Policy – Describes the responsibilities of users and the Foundation under US copyright law.
  • Data Request Process – Policy defining how to request your personal data and how we will process your request.
  • Privacy Policy – Policy defining how Miraheze handles your data.
  • Trust and Safety Policy – Describes the procedure for carrying out Trust and Safety investigations.
  • Underage User Policy – Miraheze does not serve users under the age of 13.

Internal policies[edit | edit source]

  • Bylaws – Primary organizational document for the WikiTide Foundation, defining the Board of Directors, Officers, and other requirements and responsibilities.
  • Accounts Policy – Defines requirements for using official Miraheze accounts such as email addresses.
  • Board Election Policy – Defines the Board's process for recognizing community elections of directors.
  • Conflict of Interest Policy – Defines the protocol for declaring and managing perceived and actual financial conflicts of interest within the WikiTide Foundation.
  • Delegation Policy – Describes the authority that has been delegated by Board of Directors to particular officers.
  • SRE Policy – Policies that are internal to the Site Reliability Engineering team.
  • Standing Order of Business – Describes the planning of Board meetings, including the meeting agenda.