Board of Directors/Meetings/20240517-Minutes

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WikiTide Board Minutes - 17 May 2024 (special asynchronous session)

Location: Online (Discord text Chat)

Directors Present: Universal_Omega (UO), Harej (HARE), Labster (LAB), NotAracham (NA), Reception123 (REC)

Directors Not Present: (none)

Non-Directors Present: (none)

Full Agenda: Board_of_Directors/Meetings/20240517-Agenda

Meeting initiated at 04:43 UTC, 18 May 2024 and closed at 17:34 UTC on 18 May 2024, for a total duration of 12h 51min

Minutes finalized at 20:26 UTC .

Call to Order[edit | edit source]

  • All directors recognized as in attendance over course of meeting
  • Special rules approved by unanimous vote
  • LAB retroactively called meeting to order at 04:55 UTC

New Business[edit | edit source]

Election Result Approval, Term Assignment, Amending Board Election Policy[edit | edit source]

  • Harej proposes the following resolution:

* The Miraheze community held an election in April–May 2024 pursuant to its Community Directors Policy.
* The Stewards overseeing the election have delivered an election report to the Secretary.
* The candidates received the following levels of support:
*# Reception123: 166 support, 27 oppose, 97 abstain (86.0%; 139 net support)
*# Agent Isai: 164 support, 36 oppose, 87 abstain (82.0%; 128 net support)
*# NotAracham: 167 support, 43 oppose, 77 abstain (79.5%; 124 net support)
* Agent Isai withdrew his candidacy on April 24, 2024, having resigned from the WikiTide Foundation.
* The Board of Directors has not otherwise found any candidates to be disqualified under the Board Election Policy, the Bylaws, or state law.
* The Board Election Policy provides guidance on how to proceed with the appointment of Directors on an annual basis.

The Board of Directors resolves to make the following appointments:

* Reception123 and NotAracham as Community Directors for the term ending May 31, 2026.
* Harej, Labster, and Universal Omega as Appointed Directors for the term ending May 31, 2025.

The Board of Directors amends the Board Election Policy by deleting Section 2, Paragraph 2 and by deleting Section 5, Paragraph 3.
  • Resolution is approved by unanimous assent

Close of Meeting[edit | edit source]

Adjournment[edit | edit source]

  • Meeting adjourned automatically upon approval at 17:34 UTC on 18 May 2024