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«Совет» директоров является руководящим органом Miraheze Limited. В настоящее время она сохраняет полный финансовый, решения и цели принятия полномочий для некоммерческой компании.

The Board has a current limit of 9 potential directors. Seats are distributed in the following way:

  • 5 appointed seats which are appointments made by the existing Board to people whom they decide add value to the organisation and direction of the company. These seats traditionally will go to people unconnected to the project and act as external seats.
  • 3 community seats which are appointments made after nominations from the Miraheze community. See Community Directors for more information.
  • 1 technical seat which is an appointment made after nomination from the Technical Team.

The proportion and the maximum number of seats can be changed by a simple resolution of the Board and is likely to change in the future to increase community seats to reflect the community-centric focus of the company.

Current Directors

Name Seat Role(s) Term Start Term End
Alexander Zimmerman Appointed 20 ноябрь 2019 31 декабрь 2023
Owen Reece Baines Appointed Chair, Secretary, Treasurer 20 ноябрь 2019 31 декабрь 2022
Tavon Hansen Technical 01 август 2022 31 июль 2023

Former Directors

Name Seat Role(s) Term Start Term End
Ferran Tufan Technical Chair 20 ноябрь 2019 01 декабрь 2021
Rob Lanphier Appointed 01 январь 2020 31 декабрь 2021

Contacting the Board

Board members regularly check the wiki and associated services operated by Miraheze. Public contact can be made through any number of means however the preferred method is via this page's "Discussion" page at "Talk:Board". Community members can contact either a community-seat holding Director in private or the Secretary for more sensitive matters if public venues are not appropriate.

Director Eligibility

Любой, кто рассматривает возможность стать директором, должен быть; - натуральное лицо; не менее 16 лет; не быть дисквалифицированным в качестве директора; не фигурировать в реестре несостоятельности в Англии и Уэльсе, Шотландии или Северной Ирландии; - быть готовым подписать соглашение о неразглашении; И будьте готовы иметь полное юридическое имя, национальность, профессию, и месяц / год рождения общедоступным.

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