Board of Directors/Policies/20230615-Statement

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The Directors have met to consider where the future of Miraheze as a project lies - taking into account recent events, long term sustainability problems, financial situation and doing the right thing by the communities we serve. Having consulted remaining technical volunteers, the Board has decided that is it not in the project's best interests to continue operating long term.

We understand that this decision may be upsetting for the communities that have been with us for numerous years, or even since the start, to hear. We absolutely empathise with you. Owen and Alexander are fully committed to seeing the sustained growth of Miraheze and have dedicated the last 3.5 years as Directors to ensure Miraheze Limited is in a position to provide the best platform for the project's survival. Compared to where we were before 2019, Miraheze is in a much better financial position, has drastically improved its legal standing and compliance and has taken strides to improve the technological stack behind the project through the right levels of investment being open for technical volunteers to harness.

A timeline is being proposed as follows:

  1. Effective immediately, Miraheze will unfortunately be suspending future wiki creations on the platform except in exceptional circumstances.
  2. From now until the 31st of August 2023, Miraheze will maintain operational for reading and editing activities.
  3. From 1st of September, Miraheze will begin a transitional period as it winds down its physical presence in the datacenter. We will give at least 7 days notice, but between September 1st 2023 and October 1st 2023, Miraheze will cease to exist as a wiki farm.
  4. From the date above for an indefinite period of time as funds allow, Miraheze will have all backups of all wikis available upon request. The domain will remain active with information displaying how to access these dumps.

On behalf of the Board, -- Void Whispers 00:02, 16 June 2023 (UTC)