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Minutes of Directors Meeting On June 7th, 2023

Summary[edit | edit source]

Directors Present[edit | edit source]

  • Alexander Zimmerman (AZ)
  • Owen Baines (OB)
  • Tavon Hansen (TH)

Additional Attendees[edit | edit source]

  • None

Meeting Opened at 20:40 UTC and closed at 00:10 UTC.

Key[edit | edit source]

  • AP: Action Point
  • R: Resolution

Action Point Summary[edit | edit source]

Action Point Actor Due Date

Minutes[edit | edit source]

  1. Appointment of Chair
    1. Due to the nature of the meeting, OB relinquished his position as Chair for the meeting.
    2. AZ was nominated by TH and seconded by OB to stand in as Chair for this meeting.
  2. Trust and Safety
    1. AZ laid out 7 basic facts over the overall situation from his neutral review of evidence which covered the circumstances leading up Trust and Safety involvement, the application of restrictions from Trust and Safety and then finally actions prior to Trust and Safety enacting a ban.
    2. OB and TH agreed that these were factual and not disputed.
    3. OB explained the reasoning behind the restrictions placed, showed communications with the subject and elaborated why a full service ban was decided as being the most appropriate course of action, following breach of restrictions which placed a partial service ban.
    4. TH raised concerns that a user who said they were leaving the project can’t be viewed as a risk. OB clarified that enforcement needs to be non-discriminant. A user’s position on whether they are staying or leaving should not influence type of action taken.
    5. TH and AZ pressed into the nature of the restriction that was violated. OB responded with context from the Discord channel and divulged a report was made with regards to a violation of the restrictions.
    6. AZ agreed that the restriction was violated, TH agreed but stated it was extremely borderline in his opinion and did not warrant the outcome that was enforced by Trust and Safety.
    7. OB asked how others would have handled the situation – TH proposed a temporary full-service ban. OB rejected this.
    8. AZ proposed the ban become conditional on completion of data protection training. TH queried how this resolve the situation as the user no longer had access to personal information. AZ stated it would seek to address the main concerns identified by upskilling.
    9. OB accepted the idea of making the service ban conditional on the completion of data protection training, and requested this be only on appeal from the subject following remorse also being shown for the impacts the actions had on people.
    10. TH queried this again and proposed a softer approach where a warning should have been given prior to a service ban being placed, stating this sets a bad precedence that we are strict on volunteers and lenient on others. OB queried why Trust and Safety should be lenient with matters involving the law to follow the example where the community have been lenient to users in the past. This highlights the community need to become more effective at enforcement – not expect Trust and Safety becomes less effective.
    11. OB proposed the matter go to vote.
    12. R: “Directors have reviewed the circumstances of the T&S sanctions placed upon Raidarr. It is their findings that there is some merit to the sanctions that have been placed. A way forward has been agreed that would allow Raidarr to return to Miraheze upon meeting certain conditions if he wishes to return. Raidarr should contact Trust and Safety should he wish to explore this path.” (Agreed: AZ, OB. Rejected: TH)
    13. AZ states as this was a simple majority decision, the resolution passes.
  3. Data Protection
    1. OB proposed the introduction of mandatory Data Protection training for all holders of NDAs which had access to personal information on behalf of Miraheze, and that Trust and Safety should begin regular auditing of CheckUser and Oversight usage.
    2. TH stated he disagreed with mandatory Data Protection training for all people with access to personal information stating this would make it harder for volunteers to join. TH also opposed the auditing proposal stating this shows a lack of faith in the community to self-regulate.
    3. OB clarified both proposals are mandatory under Information Commissioner’s Office advice – we need to ensure we train people appropriate and audit their access and usage of personal information inline with the Data Protection Act 2018.
    4. TH raised a counter proposal of dissolution of the company.
    5. OB and AZ recommended we close the meeting and revisit all three proposals tabled at the next meeting in July, or another emergency meeting as appropriate.