Board of Directors/Policies/20221028-Agenda

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Meeting of Directors at 21:00 (UTC) on 28th October, 2022.

Information to read: Financial Summary

Special Notes: None.

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  • Previous Matters
    • Nothing to discuss.
  • Financial Review (July-September)
    • “Directors resolve that; the financial review should be published for public viewing with the minutes.”
  • Trust and Safety
    • Discussion regarding existing members activity

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Minutes will be written up by the Director’s Secretary and distributed to the Directors as soon as possible (but within 48 hours of the meeting). From the point of distribution, Directors’ will have 48 hours to respond with comments regarding the minutes. If no concerns are raised within 48 hours, or all Directors electronically confirm the minutes are representative of the meeting, the Secretary is authorised to distribute the minutes beyond the Directors. Distribution This agenda is distributed by the Director’s Secretary to the following:

Directors: Owen Baines, Alexander Zimmerman, Tavon Hansen Meeting Parties: None. Interested Parties: Miraheze Technical Volunteers, Miraheze Community