Board of Directors/Policies/20210115-Agenda

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Meeting of Directors at 20:00 (UTC) on January 15th, 2021.

Information to read: Bank Statements, Financial Summary, Tax Return, Statutory Accounts, Technical Representative Terms of Reference

Special Notes: None

Agenda[edit | edit source]

  • Previous Matters
  • Updates on SRE Escalation Process Draft.
  • Updates on Data Processor Inventory Draft.
  • Ratification of ‘Technical Representative Director’ terms of reference.
  • Financial Review (October-December)
  • “Directors resolve that; the financial review should be published for public viewing with the minutes.”
  • Close of Year Matters
  • “Directors resolve that; the statutory accounts proposed are an accurate representation of income and outgoings during the financial year of November 2019 – December 2020.”
  • Company is exempt from external audit under Section 477 of the Companies Act 2006.
  • “Directors resolve that; pursuant to Section 476 of the Companies Act 2006, there is no requirement from the members to require an auditing of the statutory accounts.”
  • Storage of Sensitive Information
  • Currently information is stored in a way that is restricted from public and most private viewing but allows a group of users to view certain information Owen feels is unnecessary.
  • “Directors resolve that; information which is deemed to be sensitive by the Board of Directors, should be kept to a need-to-known basis by virtue of minimum access to protect security and privacy. Directors also further resolve that; Site Reliability Engineering are required to ensure information is restricted as decided by the Board of Directors.”
  • Directors are encouraged to create a list of information deemed sensitive prior to passing the above resolution.
  • Terms of Use Enforcement
  • Procedural question posed by a Steward, requesting that the Board clarifies its position on who handles Terms of Use and the relevant training given. Standing Board position based on assumed delegation from November 2019 is Site Reliability Engineering as a team handle Terms of Use Enforcement.
  • One outcome is to restate the current position in that Site Reliability Engineering handle Terms of Use Enforcement only.
  • It has been requested to allow Stewards to handle Terms of Use Enforcement either in addition or exclusively.
  • Rescinding default position of Site Reliability Engineering handling Terms of Use Enforcement and creation of a Board-appointed position (a Trust and Safety Team as has been quoted in the past).

Minutes[edit | edit source]

Minutes will be written up by the Director’s Secretary and distributed to the Directors as soon as possible (but within 48 hours of the meeting). From the point of distribution, Directors’ will have 48 hours to respond with comments regarding the minutes. If no concerns are raised within 48 hours, or all Directors electronically confirm the minutes are representative of the meeting, the Secretary is authorised to distribute the minutes beyond the Directors. Distribution This agenda is distributed by the Director’s Secretary to the following:

  • Directors: Owen Baines, Rob Lanphier, Ferran Tufan, Alexander Zimmerman
  • Meeting Parties: None.
  • Interested Parties: Miraheze Technical Volunteers, Miraheze Community