Board of Directors/Policies/20201023-Minutes

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Minutes of Directors Meeting on October 23rd, 2020

Directors Present:

  • Alexander Zimmerman (AZ)
  • Ferran Tufan (FT)
  • Robert Lanphier (RL)
  • Owen Baines (OB)

Additional Attendees:

  • None

Meeting opened at 20:00 UTC and closed at 23:25 UTC.


  • AP: Action Point
  • R: Resolution

Action Point Summary[edit | edit source]

Action Point Actor Due Date
SRE Escalation Process Draft Rob Lanphier 30/04/2021
Data Processor Inventory Draft Ferran Tufan 30/04/2021

Minutes[edit | edit source]

  1. Previous Matters
    • Presentation of Data Processing Agreement and a reminder that the core content of it may change in the next few months with the advent of the United Kingdoms exit from the European Union.
    • AP: FT to create a draft Data Processor Inventory for presentation at April meeting.
    • Updates from FT and RL with previous action point of SRE Escalation processes. Process can be formalised but requires further input from a range of stakeholders (mainly SRE) to ensure an effective response to incidents.
    • AP: RL to propose an SRE Escalation Process draft
  2. Financial Review
    • OB informs that this is the last financial review of the financial year, with the next one revolving around tax liability and company accounts submissible to Companies House.
    • OB gave a quick summary of the countries which sourced most donations per request. United States dominated the list.
    • A month-by-month breakdown of incoming and outgoings will be produced for Directors Financial Reviews in future.
    • Quick discussion on potential fundraising approaches given the current climate and our dwindling reserves capability.
    • R: “Directors resolve that; the financial review should be published for public viewing with the minutes.” (Agreed: AZ, FT, RL, OB)
  3. Wikimedia’s Privacy Enhancement Plan
    • Without a clear plan being presented by the Wikimedia Foundation of how this would work in a software sense, we are unable to make further comment with regards to Miraheze.
  4. Closing Matters
    • OB took this section to explain a few administrative things moving forward in relation to standardising meetings to be January, April, July and October of each year, with additional meetings in June and December to discuss budgeting issues solely.
    • OB also volunteered to take an active role in supporting the Community in running a second round of election to appoint Community Directors.
    • Formalising the process of appointing Appointed Directors and Technical Directors is also on OB’s planning list.

R: “Directors resolve that via electronic communication; the minutes above are an accurate representation of the meeting on October 23rd, 2020 and that they can be distributed publicly outside of the Directors.” (Agreed: AZ, FT, RL, OB)