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Miraheze has an internal and external backup procedure. Following the schedule below, certain critical parts of our infrastructure are automatically backed up to an external server (external meaning under our control but provided by a different server host and in a different country than all our current servers). These 'internal' backups include full database dumps, which include user account information and CheckUser information. These backups are only accessible by our Operations team, and can be used in the event of a catastrophic site failure to quickly bring the entire site up to a recent state.

Backups of a wiki

In addition to these private backups, any wiki administrator is able to create an XML backup of their wiki by going to Special:DataDump on their wiki and selecting it. These backups can then be stored securely wherever you'd like. These backups do not include user account information or CheckUser information but contain wiki page text and logs that you can import to any MediaWiki site.

Images, however are not available to administrators for legal reasons so please ask Miraheze System administrators for an image dump by filing in this form or contact our system administrators by your preferred method.

General backup Schedules

Miraheze runs two backup schedules in production:

  • The following are backed up in their entirety every sunday:
    • Our Private Git repository (stored on puppet1)
      • This includes configured passwords, private keys, and certificates for our domains
      • This includes the original source of private keys and certificates, and includes our account information for Let's Encrypt (the CA we use for free certificates)
  • The following are backed up completely on the first Sunday of every month. Changed files and new files are backed up on the third Sunday of the month:
    • Databases, including user information, for all wikis
    • Our static content (wiki images, user xml dumps)
    • Phabricator static (content used by our issue tracking software)

See Also

For more technical details on our automatic backup server, see Tech:Bacula