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This page is a translated version of the page Abuse Team and the translation is 36% complete.

This Article is currently inactive and is retained for historical reference.
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Crëwyd y grŵp "Abuse Team" (Cymraeg: Tîm Cam-drin) i ganiatáu i rai aelodau o'r tîm Staff gloi cyfrifon, blocio IPs yn fyd-eang, rheoli wicis a newid hawliau defnyddwyr yn fyd-eang wrth sicrhau ei fod i gyd wedi'i fewngofnodi'n ganolog ar Meta yn lle bod â'r gallu i ei wneud yn fyd-eang trwy grŵp byd-eang. Crëwyd y grŵp defnyddwyr hwn i ymateb i e-byst wiki-abuse at miraheze.org.

Hawliau i'r grŵp yn Meta

Mae'r grŵp defnyddiwr hwn yn Meta yn rhoi'r hawliau canlynol i ddefnyddiwr:





Caniatáu i'r defnyddiwr newid unrhyw hawliau defnyddiwr.

Mae hyn yn caniatáu i'r aelod staff roi hawliau i gyfrifon yn ôl yr angen, ac ar adegau prin, eu dileu oherwydd Cam-drin neu gael gwaharddiad. Mae'r hawl hon yn cael ei harfer gan Meta yn unig, ar gyfer gwell logio a thryloywder. (Arferai’r hawl hon gael ei rhoi i’r rheini sydd â’r hawl “sisadmin” dros dro, ond mae bellach wedi’i gyfyngu i’r Tîm Cam-drin yn unig.)


Yn caniatáu i ddefnyddwyr gloi neu ddatgloi cyfrif yn fyd-eang.

Mae hyn yn caniatáu i'r aelod staff gloi cyfrifon pan fydd angen eu cloi am resymau swyddogol; megis gwaharddiadau byd-eang, cam-drin, neu bryderon cyfreithiol. Mae hefyd yn caniatáu i'r aelod staff ddatgloi cyfrifon, naill ai oherwydd bod y clo wedi'i wneud trwy gamgymeriad neu oherwydd bod y pryder wedi'i leddfu. Mae'r hawl hon yn cael ei harfer gan Meta yn unig, ar gyfer gwell logio a thryloywder.


Yn caniatáu i ddefnyddwyr newid croes-wici tywysyddion o meta.

Mae hyn yn caniatáu i'r aelod staff newid cyfeiriadau ar wicis eraill o feta er mwyn caniatáu iddo gael ei gofnodi'n ganolog ar gyfer tryloywder gwell, canolog, yn lle ei ledaenu ar draws wicis bach.


Yn caniatáu i ddefnyddwyr rwystro IPs yn fyd-eang rhag meta.

This allows the staff member to block IPs globally for abuse or legal reasons. This right is exercised only from Meta, for better logging and transparency.


Allows users to manage wikis from meta.

This allows the staff member to manage the status of the wiki from meta, usually for closing wikis that are found to be violating Terms of Use or Content Policy. This right is exercised only from Meta, for better logging and transparency.

Right for the global group

The global user group grants user the following rights:





Not be affected by IP-based rate limits

This will bypass restrictions placed for new users, because users in this group is already experienced and does not need to be subject to such restrictions.

bigdelete, delete, deletelogentry, deleterevision, undelete

Delete pages with large histories, Delete pages, Delete and undelete specific log entries, Delete and undelete specific revisions of pages, Undelete a page

From time to time, Miraheze might need to delete certain pages in response to abuse complaints. These user rights allows staff to do so. Also allows staff to undelete if they deleted pages by error or the problem is solved.

block, blockemail, unblockself,

Block other users from editing, Block a user from sending email, Unblock oneself

Allows staff to block users violating global policies. They may need to unblock themselves to continue their duty, so they are allowed to unblock to complete their duty.

browsearchive, deletedhistory, deletedtext

Search deleted pages, View deleted history entries, without their associated text, View deleted text and changes between deleted revisions

These user rights allows staff to browse deleted page's archives. This rights does not allow the user to see suppressed revisions. Oversight user right must be explicitly granted to do so.

edit, editinterface, editprotected, editsemiprotected, editusercss, edituserjs

Edit pages, Edit the user interface, Edit pages protected as "Allow only administrators", Edit pages protected as "Allow only autoconfirmed users", Edit other users' CSS files, Edit other users' JavaScript files

Staff is permitted to edit on all pages, to allow them to make changes to the wiki, when needed.


Change protection levels and edit cascade-protected pages

This allows staff to change protection level of a page to disallow further violation of global policies.


Read pages

This user right allows staff to investigate private wikis.